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Learning Disabilities: Swept Under The Carpet Too Long! Part Two: Nutritional Protocols

Last month we presented our case for drug free answers to one of America's most shameful atrocities, namely the routine drugging of our children simply because they do not fit into the mold of 'normalcy'. We have always maintained that if adults wanted to willingly make themselves into addicts by giving the medical profession license to drug them, that was sad, but their choice. But, by prescribing amphentamines to small children who have no say in the matter, we are committing the ultimate crime. Children who learn to rely to drug therapy to solve their problems have a better than 75% greater chance of becoming users of 'street drugs' as they grow older. Further, they have better than 50% greater chance of needing long term counseling or psychiatric care during their adult years.

America's most shameful medical atrocities, is the routine drugging of our children simply because they do not fit into the mold of 'normalcy'.
Is this what we want for our children? Is this the generation we wish to entrust with humanity's future? Sadly, some children need medications, at least for a short period of time, but physicians make these mood altering substances far too easy to get, and give them with great willingness, far too long, especially since there in an alternative. The Institute of Nutritional Science has conducted extensive research into this matter, both under our own direction and through literally hundreds and hundreds of medical journals. The results of this work strongly indicates that there are, indeed, safe, viable and highly effective, all natural methods of helping our children. If drug therapy is needed, it is needed for only short periods of time. The program takes some work, but that's why we are parents. What we give our children today will make great differences, one way or the other, for the rest of their lives.

Following is the nutritional and dietary protocol used by The Institute of Nutritional Science for the management of learning disabilities.

Phase 1: Basic Program and Starting Point

A healthful diet is absolutely critical in order to ensure that this program meets with success. No amount of supplementation will counteract a diet filled with sugars, sugar forming foods, artifical chemicals such as flavorings & colors, or a lack of high quality protein.

Begin by taking a survey of exactly what your child eats every day. You will be amazed by how many sugars or refined carbohydrates they consume. These foods must be slowly but steadily removed from the diet.

Begin to get into the habit of reading labels. Avoid foods that contain high amounts of chemical additives. Basically, if you can't pronounce the ingredient, your child has no business consuming it (neither do you for that matter).

Replace processed, packaged junk foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. Whole grain granolas with no sugar added, are an excellent snack food as well.

If your child is addicted to sugar and cravings are strong, see the second phase of this program for nutrititional support to help with this problem.

Dietary Supplements

Full Spectrum Nutrition: A product or products that provide all 100+ nutrients the body needs daily. This should be administered according to body weight. (See The Institute's publication entitled: Drug Free Answers to Learning Disabilities.)

Liquid Organic Source, Micro Trace Minerals:

Ensure that the product you use is 100% plant-derived. Inorganic source minerals may become toxic with long-term use. These minerals should be given at the rate of 1/4 ounce per day and increased slowly, depending upon body weight, to bowel tolerance.

Essential Fatty Acids

Research shows that children with learning disabilities have greater essential fatty acid requirements. Always use a product that has been sealed in airtight gel capsules, since fatty acids are highly subject to oxidation and subsequent free radical formation when exposed to the air.

Bio-Available Calcium

We have always maintained that if adults wanted to willingly make themselves into addicts by giving the medical profession license to drug them, that was sad, but that was their choice. But, by prescribing amphetamines to small children who have no say in the matter, we are committing the ultimate crime.
Calcium is a natural calming nutrient on its own, but when combined with the correct co-factors, calcium becomes highly absorbable and the calming effect increases dramatically. Choose a calcium that also contains the following nutrient support ingredients: Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Boron.

After 4 to 6 weeks an evaluation needs to be made by the parents in conjunction with teachers. If the response of the child has been adequate, continue on the phase one program. If it appears that there is still room for improvement, phase two of the program should be considered, all or in part.

Phase 2: Additional Nutritional Support for Specific Problem Areas

In this phase we begin to look for co-factors that may be affecting the child's biochemistry. These co-factors might include toxic metal posioning from their environment, glucose or carbohydrate intolerance and allergies (food or airborne or both).

Firstly, we recommend the Hair Mineral Analysis to determine if there is some degree of toxic mineral poisoning. This test can be done through the Institute. Second would be the six-hour Glucose Tolerance Test, ordered and administered by your physician. This test will let us know if your child has a greater problem with glucose or sugar than normal. Thirdly, would be an allergy test for food and airborne irritants. We recommend the Radioallergosorbent Test (RAST) in place of the skin patch test. It is far more sensitive. This test can be given by your Doctor or Allergist.

the results of these tests can tell us much about how your child's biochemistry is reacting to the environment, both internally and externally. Armed with this information, we can add specific nutrient support to help the child's chemistry balance itself, thereby lessening the burden placed upon it.

If Toxic Mineral Poisoning is detected:

Continue to raise the dosage of liquid plant-derived, trace minerals to bowel tolerance and stay at this increased level for three months.

If Glucose Intolerance is detected:

Add a mineral supplement specifically designed for glucose or sugar managment that contains chromium, vanadium and the amino acid, aspartic acid, in the correct ratios. This combination of nutrients will not only help the child's body process sugar and sugar forming food more effectively, but will actually assist in reducing the craving for these foods as well.

If Allergies or Food Sensitivies are detected:

Firstly, remove all offending foods. This will lessen the burden upon the immune system. Since airborne allergies are almost impossible to eliminate, controlling food allergies is essential through abstinence. Add a homeopathic formula specifically designed to reduce the hyper-sensitivity of the immune system to external substances. There are several such homeopathic preparations on the market (for further information please see The Institute's publication entitled: Understanding the Controlling Allergies).

Lastly, for many of these children, hyperactivity is a large part of their problem. If this is the case, even after following the guidelines above, we have found that these children respond quite well to mega doses of specific B-complex nutrients. Stress formulation are availabe that place emphasis upon the stress nutrients such as B1, B2, B12 and Pantothenic Acid. These should be added, according to body weight, and slowly increased as needed.

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