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Age Spots

Ours is a culture with little appreciation for spots. None of us wants a spot on our shirt, a spot on our reputation, or spots on our body.

But spots often come as a part of aging, especially on our hands or faces; and in general all have the same reaction: We want a spot remover!

Age spots or liver spots, are flat or slightly raised brown, yellow or red spots that can occur anywhere on the body but usually appear on the face, neck, and hands. In general these spots are not a physical problem, although they are cosmetically ugly; but they can be a sign of serious skin cell free radical damage. These spots are caused by the buildup of waste products called lipofuscin accumulation (a byproduct of free radical damage in the skin cells). Age spots can be avoided with regular exercise and a healthy diet as well as limited exposure to the sun. We recommend Cell Shield to combat free radical damage and to repair damaged tissue; or better yet get our Complete Nutrition and Antioxidant Kit which includes Cell Shield protection.

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