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An Amazing Experience with Chicken Cartilage

I twisted my knee 51 years ago and have had problems with it off and on ever since. However, it really started hurting me in June after climbing two flights of stairs. Then again in July and September after climbing more stairs. I went to the doctor and an ultrasound was taken and I was told I had a Baker Cyst and bone spur. I was told to go and see an orthopedic doctor. So, on October 9, the specialist took four x-rays and said part of my left knee cap was worn off. He said my only option was a total knee replacement surgery. I said, "Oh yeah."

I had done some reading on chicken cartilage and decided to try it, since I had been taking Flex Flow, EFA and Total Toddy. On October 12, after getting the chicken cartilage, I started taking one tablet a day for 10 days, then one in the morning and one at night, (according to the instructions) and increased all other minerals to two and three times a day. Within four days of taking it, the pain started to subside. Since doing this, my pain is gone, the stiffness has decreased and I have more flexibility in my knee. Each day brings improvement. I have ordered more chicken cartilage. I don't want surgery.

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South Jordan, Utah

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