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Hayley's Amazing Cholesterol Experience

Hayley is a very active, not overweight young girl who had struggled with high cholesterol levels for several years. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with Familial Hypercholesterolemia in 1997. The table below presents a sketch of her experiences as submitted by her and her mother. The end result is truly amazing.

Date Cholesterol Level Results
5/1/97 401 Diagnosed as Familial Hypercholesterolemia
6/26/97 312 Lived in St. George at the National Institute of Fitness (we called it a FAT FARM) and ate as a vegetarian. Her life was monitored. It is a lock up facility so they controlled ALL food and exercise.
4/98 293 Was put on Zocar for one month. Taken off after the month because of possible liver damage.

SGOT 226

Should have been no more than

6/98 346 U of U Dr. Paul Hopkins--No medication and slight modification of diet (as much as a teenager could). Doctor continues to give her diets and says she should try other drugs.
7/98-11/99 Medical system continues to insist on more drugs, but mother refuses to put Hayley on more drugs. They try other alternatives, but cholesterol level remains in the high range.
12/99 Introduced to Toddy Products
2/00 201
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