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Personal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Experiences

I just want you to know how the Total Toddy and the Mineral Toddy has effected my life. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and after after a month on the products, the pain in my wrists went away. My hair also became thicker - I call it hair restoration! I not only feel better, but my friends kept commenting on how well my skin, eyes and hair looked.

Even thought I knew it worked wonders, I thought the Toddy's were rather expensive for me. So, I decided to try a competitor's product that cost less. Well, after about three months on this other product, I could feel and see muself falling back into my initial state of health. The pain in my wrists started coming back and I started losing my hair again. I've started back on the Toddy products and look forward to getting my health back!

P.S. I also have a very good friend in another state who was very sick a while ago. The doctors just told him that they could do nothing for him - he should just go home and basically prepare himself to die. He started on the Mineral Toddy and Total Toddy and is not only alive, but now has so much spark in his life that he is chasing his wife around the house again!

—Barbara B. Baker

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