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Personal Epilepsy Experiences

There are 13 people in my family that have epilepsy. I have been an epileptic since birth. The last several months, I had an average of four major seizures each week with two seizures each week requiring a call to 911. My seizures were so severe that I would shiver and have big shakes, then lose consciousness and fall down. Epilepsy affects my life in several ways: I can't operate any machinery (like a car), I can't ride a bicycle, I can't roller skate. It even prevents me from holding a job.

One month ago, I saw an add about having a health party. I had a party and signed up with SupraLife immediately - the Toddy products just made sense. I've now taken one bottle of Total Toddy and already I noticed results! My seizures were reduced to only 3 last week and none of the seizures in the past month have been more than minor tremors. Yesterday, my doctor did a test on my brain waves, and the results showed a big improvement from my last test two months ago; in fact, the brainwave patterns no longer match previous test results.

Everyone notices that I have more energy. I feel great. I'm looking forward to even more success through helping other people.

—Vicky Hellwitz

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