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Personal Cancer Experiences

My 84-year-old father was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer (2 cancerous tumors on his lungs) and given 6 months to live. A little while later I was talking to a friend who said that his parents, Bill & Evelynn Johnson, distribute a product called Immu-911. He told me a little bit about it, and I decided to give it a try.

So, for the past 6 weeks I have been giving my Dad the Immu-911 plus Ultra Toddy, Mineral Toddy, and Oxy Toddy (for his emphysema). He just went hunting with us two weekends in a row, looks 100% better and feels like a million bucks. The walker that he has relied on has been parked in the corner, unused. My sister Janet has been taking care of him these past 6 weeks, and she is amazed at the change in him. If he can look that much better in 6 weeks, then something very positive has to be happening! My hat is off to the people who are behind this; you gave my dad life back to enjoy the things he loves doing.

—Duane F. George

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The first week in June 1997, I was spitting up large amounts of blood. Running scared, we went to the hospital for x-rays which showed cancer in my lungs. I was told by my Doctor that I had a large mass in my right lung and two other masses in my stomach.

I took 10 treatments ... it did not stop the bleeding or the pain

I was advised to take 15 treatments of radiation. My doctor said that he could not cure my cancer, but if I would take the radiation, it would ease my pain and stop the bleeding during the six months he gave me to live. I took 10 treatments of radiation, which I now know was a mistake, because it did not stop the bleeding or the pain in my chest or shoulder. I had spent around $10,000 and was in worse shape than when I entered the hospital.

Since they had told me there was no cure, what could I gain? I had lost 47 pounds from not eating anything or sleeping and was so weak that I could not stand on my feet. So I told them they didn't have enough money to get me to take any more radiation - and I left the hospital.

Today, I am eating a little, sleeping more and feeling a whole lot better, I am building back my immune system with Supralife products. I use Total Toddy and Oxy Toddy every day. My recovery has been a little slow, but I am sure I will make a comeback. I WILL beat this cancer.

—O'Dean Goodwin

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