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Broad Nutrient Coverage

The human body is so biochemically complex. Those who think that one isolated nutrient will fix a problem—for example calcium for osteoporosis—are the gullible victims of misinformation. When taken alone calcium does almost nothing, and could even cause health problems:

Dr. Gonazalez in the 1980 "Journal of the American Medical Association" found that over a period of months calcium supplementation yielded a small increase in bone density. But there was also increased arterial plaque, soft tissue calcifications, and significant increases in urinary calcium.
Intakes higher than 2,500 mg per day can stress the kidneys and may result in kidney stones. More is not better, a supplement balance must exist.
We know that calcium is the key, the problem is that the calcium that is being taken is not getting absorbed.

There is even MORE evidence! Here's unquestionable "proof" that the old approaches for taking calcium have failed:

For almost three decades Americans have spent billions of dollars and consumed trillions of milligrams of calcium; and yet osteoporosis has gotten worse. Osteoporosis is labeled by Harvard Medical School as "the silent epidemic". It afflicts almost 7 million Americans--half the women over 50 and a fourth of the men over 50--and causes over 1.5 million broken bones every year (hip, wrist, and ankle are most common).
This example only discusses calcium. All the other 100+ known nutrients also have interactive requirements. Don't fragment with one nutrient pill here and a nutrient pill there.
Here are the cofactor nutrients that increase calcium absorption:
Magnesium, silicon, fluoride, zinc, copper, boron, manganese, and phosphorus all play an important part in calcium uptake. Vitamin C can double calcium absorption, that's why leading-edge orange juice producers now sell calcium fortified orange juice. Vitamin D is a well-known. That's why milk is fortified with Vitamin D. Lysine, an amino acid, has also been shown to significantly improve calcium absorption. And on, and on, and on!

For optimal health your supplement program should have the broad coverage of 16 vitamins, 72 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids.
...every moment the body has a battle to fight, a repair or neurotransmission to make, the raw materials are all bioavailable.
Supplementing GUARANTEES the presence of all these nutrients each day. That assurance just isn't there when you rely on food sources. And the maximum power of supplements lies in the consistent presence of ALL nutrients so that every moment the body has a battle to fight, a tissue or bone to build or repair, or a neurotransmission to make the supportive raw materials are bioavailable.

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