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Index for FAQ's about Cancer
  1. I need some information on alternatives to chemotherapy and radiations, and ways of building the immune system before, during and after these treatments.

  2. My sister is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Her white blood cell count drops dangerously low. The medication Nuprogen causes severe bone pain so we would rather stay away from it. Are there any nutritional foods, (we have some vitamins), that would help?

  3. I'm looking for information, about Children with Leukemia, and diets they should be following.

  4. We would like to pursue natural medicine to replace the Esclim and now the Premarin 0.9 mg a day. What resource can you recommend or even better an herb(s) to replace the Premarin...or is there any? If she decides to go off the Premarin is there an herb she can take to counter the associated side effects such as heart disease?

  5. Looking for a diet appropriate for this condition (Barretts Esophagus Precancerous) and also diverticulosis.

  6. Do you have any other suggestions for me as far as preventative actions I can take now? (my mother has terminal breast cancer and I am concerned about myself). Am I too young for a mammogram?

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