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Index for FAQ's about Weight Management
  1. I have a problem I want to share with you, maybe you can help. I am 1.65m and weight 111.5 pds. I'm told body fat is 6%. I know this sounds like a really good body but here starts the problem: 2 years ago I started a diet with the 2nd best doctor in all Mexico, what I wanted to do is reduce my measurements (my waist is 63cm and each of my upper legs is 58 cm of diameter). I stayed in his diet of 14 months and didn't get any results, he recommended a liposuction, which I personally don't like that much. I went to a different doctor and I'm still with her but without any results. I know I can do better because 3 years ago my waist measured 57cms. and each of my upper legs 52 cm. Do you have any possible solution (besides liposuction), please HELP!

  2. I do not want to have to take a large group of different things because I know I won't take them at all. Could you advise me. I am overweight and have medal poisoning. I had breast implants removed and my doctor told me that my implants had ruptured and had platinum residue. Mine where put in the early 70's and at that time platinum was used to clean the silicone. When I looked at the large number of products that you had I was overwhelmed with the choices. Please advice me on the least amount I can get away with to start with.

  3. Metabolite (not Metabolife) was recommended by a friend when I said I wanted to lose 8 lbs. From my basic research, it looks good in terms of its Chromium levels (75 mcg) magnesium (75 mg) Vitamin E 6 IU (low, I realize). I am a 40 year old female in excellent health who is 5'6" and weighs 140 lbs. What is your professional opinion on the product? Thanks in advance.

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