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FAQ's for Epilepsy

My 9 year old son has idiopathic epilepsy. Can you recommend any vitamins that may help?

—July 2000

Our Answer

There is a lot of controversy over epilepsy and nutrition. There has only been one thing that has ever shown to help epileptics, and that is a Retogenic diet. This is a diet consisting of high proteins and low carbohydrates. Even with this, it has shown to help some epileptics and not all.

I would put him on the Retogenic diet and also add as much nutritional support as possible.

I would recommend full spectrum nutrition, the Total Toddy would be the best choice for your son, and a high B-Complex supplement such as D-Stress.

The B-complex are the ones that support the nerves and the neurotransmitters. The Total Toddy will give him the complete nutritional balance so that his body has everything that it needs to do its job efficiently. Then when you add specific nutrients like the D-Stress, it won't throw his body out of balance, and he'll be able to utilize the B-Vitamins more effectively as well.

I hope this information helps you and your son. If we can be of any other help, let us know.

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