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FAQ's for the Immune System

I'd like information about colostrum as a supplement for adults.

—June 2000

Our Answer

Colostrum contains antibodies, immunoglobulins and other immune enhancers, which protect against attack from viruses, bacteria, allergens and other environmental toxins.

Colostrum is a great supplement that aids in stimulating the immune system. The only problem with it is you can OVER stimulate it. So be careful in how much you take. If it's taken with other immune enhancers it has a better effect. This way you're nourishing and feeding it at the same time. This is the best way to increase immune response and ensure that the system remains balanced, healthy and ready for the next job that comes along.

We do carry a great product called Immu-911. It has Vitamin C, Zinc, Colostrum, Beta-1,3-D glucan, a proprietary blend of mushroom mycelial biomass, Echinacea, Astragalus and Pau D'Arco. All are for supporting and nourishing the immune system.

You can buy colostrum alone and take it when you're sick only. I wouldn't recommend taking it on a daily basis because of the over-stimulating effect on your immune system. The Immu-911 can be taken safely every day. Hope this information helps. Thanks for visiting our web-site.

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