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FAQ's for Lupus

I have what they call a cross connective tissue disease which is a combination of lupus and sjorgren syndrome. What product or products would be good for this type of disease. I have found nothing as of yet that has worked for me. I need something that will mix with prednisone and placquenil. I would like to stop taking these drugs if I could find something that would work. I would appreciate any help!

—June 2000

Our Answer

Dr. Whiting wrote me back today with his recommendations for your disease. First of all he recommends that you do NOT take any Immune stimulating products!!! What he does recommend are these 6 things:

  • Ultra Body Toddy; 1oz. per hundred pounds of body weight. This product is for overall nutrition, in a liquid form so that it is more bio-available to your body--which is especially important for people suffering with Lupus. Lupus patients have a hard time assimilating nutrients.

  • EFA (essential fatty acids); 6 capsules per day. This product is important for every organ function in your body. Most especially for the skin and connective tissues and the lungs.

  • Mineral Toddy; 2oz per day. This product is simply trace minerals. Trace minerals are something that everyone needs and has a hard time getting. This is also in the liquid form and very bio-available to your body. Again, since you have a hard time assimilating nutrients this is very important.

  • Flex Flow; 4 caps. per day. This is rich in nutrients that support the formation of healthy cartilage, collagen and synovial fluid.

  • MSM; 2 x's the label recommendation. This is also a product that support function of the joints and cartilage.

  • L-cysteine; 500 mg. 3 x's per day. This is an amino acid that aids in the formation of skin and is important in detoxification. It also aids in production of collagen and connective tissues.

Dr. Whiting is a Orthomolecular nutritionist with over 25 years of experience. I trust his recommendations. The MSM and L-cysteine you can get at the local health food store. All the products recommended will help to strengthen your body with overall health and with support to your connective tissues and to support your immune system. If you have any questions please ask.

P.S. All of these recommendations are all natural and will have no side effects with any drug that you are taking. Please be cautious in coming off of the drugs you're on. You'll want to work with your doctor on this, he'll know how to lower your dosage without causing serious side-effects.

I have a niece in her mid-twenties who has been diagnosed with a disease similar to Lupus. A major problem for her right now is loss of appetite. This is of great concern to me since she is already quite thin. What herbs, vitamins, etc. can I recommend to her that will stimulate her appetite? Thanks for any information you can provide.

—January 2001

Our Answer

Many health challenges can result in a compromised appetite. Especially one like Lupus where the body has a hard time absorbing nutrients, so she'll have poor digestion, which can lead to loss of appetite.

Here's some nutritional things you can try to help stimulate her appetite:

  • Full Spectrum Nutrition.........as per label
  • Enzymes.................................2-4 per meal
  • Acidophilus...........................5 caps per day on empty stomach
  • B-Complex stress formula.....as indicated until appetite returns
  • Zinc Gluconate......................50 mg per day

The products that we highly recommend are Ultra Toddy, Multi-EFA, and Enzyme Plus.

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