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FAQ's for Multiple sclerosis

In September of 1999, I was diagnosed with MS. I was wondering if you would suggest to me what vitamins, and foods I should consume, and perhaps those to avoid. Thank you.

—March 2000

Our Answer

There is no known cure for MS. But supplement and dietary programs have been shown to be helpful. The things that are very important are: Coenzyme Q10, 90 mg a day. EFA 3 times a day, B complex and choline and inositol. Acidophilus and a good full spectrum supplement.

Eat as close to raw, natural foods as possible. I've read that the best diet is close to a vegetarian diet. Lots of fruits, grains, and vegetables. Lots of good water every day. Fiber is important also, which you'll get if you eat fresh foods.

Stay away from alcohol, barley, chocolate, coffee, dairy products, fried foods, highly seasoned foods, meat, oats, refined foods, rye, salt, spices, sugar, tobacco, wheat, or processed, canned, or frozen foods. Avoid stress.

The reason to stay away from dairy products and wheat is because some people think MS can be caused by food intolerances or allergies, especially in dairy and wheat.

You'll want to experiment with different foods to see which bother you. Look for a good full spectrum supplement. This will give you a good base support for your body. We do carry a liquid full spectrum supplement which is more bio-available to your body. You can check out our web-site for more information.

I have heard that there is a new medication called Procarin do you have any info on this product? Thank you for any help you can give me.

—April 2000

Our Answer

I haven't heard of the drug Procarin. There are so many new ones that haven't had research done on them for side effects or nutrient depletion. I know that all drugs have some side effects and the more you know about them the better off you'll be in the long run. Maybe you can ask your physician what the side effects are and what kind of research has been done on the drug.

I know that the body always responds to nutrition. It's what the body's foundation is and what the body needs to help heal itself. M.S. is a difficult disease to treat and little is known about it in both the medical profession and the nutritional stand point. We do know that first and foremost full spectrum nutrition is the best base you can give and then add specific nutrients for the specific problem. Since M.S. deals with the central nervous system it's important to give support in that area.

The nutrients that we suggest would be Coenzyme Q10, EFA, Grape seed extract and extra Vit. B. You can check out our websites for the products that we carry that would be helpful in strengthening your body with this problem. We recommend Mineral Toddy, EFA Plus, and Ultra Toddy. Hope this helps.

In looking over your information on MS at your web site, I came up with a couple of questions. I have MS and I was wondering if you might give me a couple of answers? In your section titled "lifestyle changes" you said "Avoid exposure to heat, such as hot baths, showers," etc., "and avoid becoming overheated when working or exercising. Utilize massage, get regular exercise, and keep mentally active. These are extremely valuable in maintaining muscle function and bringing about remission of symptoms." I am in the midst of an exacerbation, and I am wondering if you are saying that if I exercise, without overheating, I might be able to bring about a remission. If this is true, what exercises would you recommend? Thanks for your time. P.S. If possible, please respond ASAP. Once again thanks.

—April 2000

Our Answer

Exercise is a very vital part of maintaining muscle, mobility and mental attitude. There was a study with MS patients on exercise. The study had the patients work out on a exercise bike, with arm handles, 3 times a week for 40 mins. They said that the patients improved in all measures of physical function, along with emotional benefits and other areas as well.

So a stationary bike with arm handles might be the way you want to go. There are many ways to exercise and get the benefit you need. Make sure you don't OVER heat yourself. Any walking, swimming, bike riding, or other aerobic exercise should benefit you.

The study didn't mention anything about a remission from the exercise, but it did greatly benefit the patients in many ways and would be a great thing to do.

One of the most important things is nutrition. Nutrition is most vital, and the sooner you start the better the results. Make sure you are supplementing with all the nutrients your body needs. A full spectrum supplement is vital. Essential fatty acids are very important as well. It's well known that patients with MS have trouble absorbing, so liquid vitamins would be the best consideration for your problem. I hope this helps!

I recently have found that multiple sclerosis individuals need so many vitamins, supplements, digestive enzymes, etc. This would be impossible to take all that I read that is needed. I'd have to purchase 15-30 different formula. Absurd I feel. What can you tell me about; from your knowledge. The necessities of what ones in your opinion.

—May 2000

Our Answer

The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to get on a full spectrum supplement that has most everything in it. The Ultra Body Toddy is one of the best supplements that we have ever found. It has a broad base of all the vitamins/minerals and amino acids that you need plus "extras". It also is in a liquid formula so that it is more bio-available to your body. This is important for people that suffer with multiple sclerosis.

This way all the things you need to take aren't so overwhelming. Then you need to add the EFA (essential fatty acids) and some digestive enzymes. You would only be taking 3 things, not 30.

Thanks for your confidence in us and our program. As an internet customer all registration fees are waived and you are automatically given wholesale prices on everything. Please contact us at 1-800-943-1123. we look forward to hearing from you.

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