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Index for FAQ's about Multiple sclerosis
  1. In September of 1999, I was diagnosed with MS. I was wondering if you would suggest to me what vitamins, and foods I should consume, and perhaps those to avoid. Thank you.

  2. I have heard that there is a new medication called Procarin do you have any info on this product? Thank you for any help you can give me.

  3. In looking over your information on MS at your web site, I came up with a couple of questions. I have MS and I was wondering if you might give me a couple of answers? In your section titled "lifestyle changes" you said "Avoid exposure to heat, such as hot baths, showers," etc., "and avoid becoming overheated when working or exercising. Utilize massage, get regular exercise, and keep mentally active. These are extremely valuable in maintaining muscle function and bringing about remission of symptoms." I am in the midst of an exacerbation, and I am wondering if you are saying that if I exercise, without overheating, I might be able to bring about a remission. If this is true, what exercises would you recommend? Thanks for your time. P.S. If possible, please respond ASAP. Once again thanks.

  4. I recently have found that multiple sclerosis individuals need so many vitamins, supplements, digestive enzymes, etc. This would be impossible to take all that I read that is needed. I'd have to purchase 15-30 different formula. Absurd I feel. What can you tell me about; from your knowledge. The necessities of what ones in your opinion.

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