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Index for FAQ's about General Nutrition
  1. Just wondering if you have heard of Eniva-Minerals for Life. Supposedly the "special" composition of the minerals in the bottles of water you need to buy are SOOO MUCH BETTER than food or pill supplements- "because your body can't break down" these sources as well as the magic eniva potion. Heard anything about this????

  2. I recently purchased a vitamin/mineral supplement which contains 75 mg of PABA. I seem to recall there has been some controversy regarding PABA but cannot remember what it was. I would like to know more about PABA before taking this supplement. I would appreciate any info you have.

  3. I am interested in finding information about nutrition regarding the person with emphysema, chronic bronchitis & asthma can you help!

  4. I take Ginkgo and Omega 3 at the same time? Is this OK?

  5. I can bet that a large number of individuals could drastically improve their health if they would follow the recommendations for servings and portion sizes. The majority of the population has a long way to go. In my judgement, the Food Pyramid is a great place to start.

  6. Can you tell me please if vitamin B12 is helpful in the treatment of tinnitus? If so, at what dosage?

  7. Hi, I spoke to a Dr. Robert Armstrong about the fact that my left pinkie and right index finger occasionally tremor. Also I seem to get twitches all over my body at random times which are very annoying. For example my biceps will decide to pump up and down very aggressively for 10 seconds or so and then stop. The same happens with my face where the skin on my cheek will "pump" in and out for a few seconds, it feels like there is a heart beat in my cheek and creates a "tingling" or "twitchy" sensation. The same happens with my thighs, neck, all over my body and my wrists, he told me to get hold of you cos it MAY be a nutrition problem, if it is what do you suggest and if it is another cause, then what? If it means anything I'm male and 18

  8. Last year I broke my ankle and foot and had a cast up to my knee for 8 weeks. When the cast was taken off, I developed a blood clot and have been on blood thinners until just recently. I would like to know if there are things that I can do to prevent my leg from continuing to occasionally swell. I am looking for herbal remedies or changes in my diet and so on. My doctor is not very helpful on this. Thanks for your help

  9. My tinnitus was caused by an ear doctor trying to wash the wax out of my ear when his instrument popped or exploded if you will, under the air pressure. It sounded like a gun shot going off in my ear. About 2 months later I noticed a light hissing sound in my head. I ignored it for a while, but now the sound has gotten louder... While I was waiting for your reply,I went out and bought some B-100 and also Ginkgo Biloba. Another web site suggested vitamin B12 & the Ginkgo. So maybe I'll just try that for a while. How does that sound?

  10. I have a magnesium def. in spite of taking 1,600 mg. per day for over a year. Can you suggest any info on how to improve mag. absorption?

  11. Thanks for replying but what is a full spectrum and I drink 2 pints of milk every day so how can I be short of calcium? Oh and what's an Ultra Body Toddy?

  12. What if you have metal in your teeth (in a bridge); I heard the Hydrogen Peroxide oxydizes such metals and produces a harmful effect. True?

  13. I have a son who is very ill and not responding to antibiotics. I want him treated with vitamin c and need to know how to get the vitamin c solution for injection. Any pharmaceutical firms that carry this?? Please respond with any relevant information. Thank you for your help.

  14. Do you have any suggestions for superficial phlebitis? I will appreciate any help you can give.

  15. I'm looking for calcium fluoride, I read that this is needed for the eyes. My eyes dry out, and they don't seem to tear properly. I've been to doctors, but no diagnostic, so I want to try this.

  16. I have a 7 year old that has spasms several times everyday.The Dr. (pediatrician) said since there is no interruption of motor skills, not to worry, he will out grow it. Can this be nutritionally related? Do you have any information you can provide to me?

  17. I'm looking for good menu choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I'm 30 with a possible hypothyroid condition and an athlete. Do you know of any resources that will help. I just want healthy foods to choose from.

  18. Do the benefits of soy still work if the soy is genetically engineered and roundup ready?

  19. Hello, and thanks for your great page on drug induced nutrient depletions. Maybe you could help me. I have been diagnosed with erosive esophagitis. Believe me... it's a correct diagnoses. Something that likes to come and go. I do not smoke, drink rarely (not at all for now) and exercise almost everyday.. biking jogging and swimming. I am very concerned about having to take ranitidine and possible vitamin depletions. Does taking a B12 supplement maintain itself in the body while taking ranitidine? And other supplements?

  20. Hi, thanks for your informative site. I have added it to my bookmarks. I have a couple of questions. Are there any sufficient vitamin multipills that work? I am talking about centrum multivitamins and the like. Or do you have to take other supplements, and if so what do we miss the most? Are there any good amino acid supplements out there? Please help me, the market is flooded with tons of multis, and single vitamins, and I don't have a fortune to spend on a lot of single vitamins so I'm trying to determine the most important, so please help me, thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

  21. I don't know if you can help me or not, but I have some concerns about my 22 month old son. Everything he touches seem to go into his mouth (toys, shoes, rock, dirt etc.) Someone told me that this was a sign of low iron - is this true? Between his fingers were very pale as well. I put him on a multivitamin and he doesn't seem to eat/lick things as much.

  22. I would like to ask you a question which will sound a bit strange. What types of amino acids would there be for horses which will be all natural no drugs at all. MUST BE NATURAL. This is for racing horses so everything is tested.

  23. My friend recently got shingles for the first time. We managed to get to the hospital within 48 hours and he was started on the 6 day treatment of valtrex. I have been reading about Vitamin E oil and either taking it or applying it to the affected area, for improved healing times, less scarring and decreased pain. Is there any truth to this?

  24. What I am asking of you, if you could be so kind, is what sort of nutrition, food, vitamins and minerals should I be taking to get this stuff completely out of my system as quickly and efficiently as possible with no "flashbacks" to the drug. I've been doing some reading, and have come to understand that some of the drug will remain in my "fatty tissues" indefinitely. But my Uncle saw a report online stating that if took extra amounts of some vitamins and followed a specific diet for at least 2 weeks, that these toxins would leave my body and the chance of a flashback would be greatly diminished.

  25. Do you know of a mineral or vitamin deficiency (or excess) that may cause vertical ridges in fingernails?

  26. I hate taking pills and large horse tablets are the worse. Are there complete supplements out there where you take 3-4 reasonably sized tablets 2-3 times a day. Help!

  27. For bleeding gums my husband would like to know what type of vitamins would help heal them?

  28. I am wondering were dimethylglycine comes from? I know it is naturally occuring, and understand it is associated with the B vitamins (B15?), so what food sources would have high ratios of this available in them??

  29. I have been looking over your website and I am interested in a Nutritional Evaluation and Hair Analysis. Please forward information on how I can become affiliated and how this works.

  30. To whom it may concern: I'm writing a question about nutrient supplement to you. I take a 600 mg Calcium with Vitamin D capsule, Garlic capsule, and another capsule, formulated for 15-50 age women every morning. When I'm having breakfast, I take them with orange juice. My friends warned me not to do like this because it is dangerous and recommended me to drink water, not orange juice or coffee. I did read the label of the nutrient supplement bottles, but they didn't mention about this at all. I guess that orange juice is acidic so that capsules may be dissolved quickly before they are able to reach my stomach? Could you answer my question chemically for me?

  31. I was looking at your webpage for Vitamin B12. On that page, you state that three of the sources for Vitamin B12 are bananas, grapes, and peanuts. I have looked these three foods up in every nutritional guide available to me, and in none of them is Vitamin B12 listed as an ingredient of those foods. It is my understanding that Vitamin B12 exists only in animal products, or in fermented sea vegetables. Can you give me some reason why you claim this, or some printed scientific source which states this?

  32. I just emailed. I meant to inquire about ultra body toddy and its possible milk or whey content.

  33. Thank you so very much for all the information you gave me on the Celiac disease. I appreciate it more than you will ever know!!!!! I will get the products you suggested but have one question. One of the ingredients is Gelatin Hydrolysate. Can you tell me what that is and is it like hydrolyzed vegetable protein only gelatin? Does gelatin aminos absorb well. I am also a blood type A if that makes a difference in anything. Thanks again!

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