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FAQ's for Panic Attacks

Can you give me some insight on my "Panic Attack Disorder?" and how Nutrition can help me? Could this be caused by the adreanal glands?

—July 2000

Our Answer

Panic Attack disorder is caused by adrenal exhaustion. The best thing to do is give support to your adrenal system. I would recommend full spectrum nutrition, an adrenal glandular support, and D-stress. The Ultra Toddy is the best full spectrum supplement that's out there.

The Adrenal glandular support you can get at a health food store. I recommend one from a company called the NS Factor. Also, if you're having trouble sleeping you can get a supplement that has kava kava, valerian root and melatonin. All three of these have calming properties. You can get those at any health food store as well. Hope this information is helpful to you.

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