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Center for Disease Control
Framework for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Prevention and Control
Source:    www.cdc.gov
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The Center For Disease Control and Prevention does not provide adequate information or guidelines concerning Inflammatory Bowels Disease.

http://www.ccfa.org/medcentral/library/diet/ has excellent additional information

http://www.ccfa.org/medcentral/library/meds/meds.htm and http://www.ccfa.org/medcentral/library/meds/ information on drug and the common reasons why they are prescribed and common side effects

http://www.ccfa.org/medcentral/library/diet/wkly0212.htm excellent information on dehydration

http://www.ccfa.org/medcentral/library/diet/vitamin1.htm excellent information on drug and vitamin deficiencies.

http://www.ccfa.org/medcentral/library/diet/eat.htm talks about fact and fallacies with diet for people with IBD

http://www.ccfa.org/medcentral/library/diet/eguide2.htm guidelines and ideas on the right forms of exercise for a person with IBD

http://www.ccfa.org/medcentral/research/overview/prog99.htm current information on recent discoveries on diagnosis and treatment for IBD

http://www.ccfa.org/links/ links to all areas for information on IBD: medications,literature, organizations

http://www.ccfa.org/links/#journals Online medical journals that would discuss such topics as IBD