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Personal Multiple Sclerosis Experiences

I am 36 years old. In December I was diagnosed with a mild form of MS. I had temporarily lost my vision completely in one eye and partially in the other, which is an early symptom. I ended up on disability until just after the holiday season. Ironically, my late father was a neurologist. Skimming through some of his medical books I discovered that certain deficiencies (Selenium, Magnesium, B Vitamins), as well as certain food sensitivities, are common in people with MS.

During the six months of standard neurological treatment, I was introduced to a mineral product through a friend. I tried it for a couple of months, but didn't notice any significant change in my health.

I realized that the product contained a weaker concentration of minerals than what I was looking for. And it also didn't contain vitamins and other nutrients. By May, I had decided to do research on the Internet. My "search" led me to the Mineral Toddy products from SupraLife. I was extremely impressed with the complete, balanced liquid nutritional products SupraLife offered.

Being 5 foot 4 inches and 102 pounds, I started drinking 1 to 2 ounces daily of Total Toddy, then switched to Ultra Body Toddy. I was determined to keep showing progress and staying well.

In June, I was offically in remission from MS, and finally made that trip to the U.K. I had planned! After four months of drinking Toddy products, I noticed that I was actually less fatigued and suffered fewer food sensitivity-related flareups! I'm even playing tennis again!

Most importantly, I'm healthier than ever. I feel that also taking Mineral Toddy while undergoing medical treatment helped me get well faster. I'm not londer nervous about having a relapse; the Toddy products give me the confidence I need to maintain a healthy immune system. I'm still in remission, and by continuing to exercise and take all the nutrients my body needs, I intend to stay that way!

—Leisa Harris

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