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Aerobic Exercise Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

  To test the relationship of cardiovascular exercise, physical activity and a lower risk of heart disease, Robert McMurray,from the University of North Carolina, conducted a nine week study of North Carolina law enforcement recruits. Their studies reported that increased aerobic power had more influence in modifying risk factors than did an increase in physical activity. Low-fit persons, however, can increase their physical activity which leads to aerobic power, and also reduces cardiovascular disease risk. The results from this study are consistent with those of other published reports: low cardiovascular fitness is associated with increased cardiovascular mortality.   These results have two implications important for physicians, clinicians, their patients, and the general public, reports Dr. J. Durstine. First, scientific evidence once again supports a dose-response relationship: some physical, and generally the more physical activity one gets the greater the health benefit. Second, when physical activity is in high enough doses to cause an increase in cardiovascular fitness (especially in low-cardiovascular fitness groups), there are substantial individual health benefits to be gained than can result in decreased cardiovascular risk and mortality.
[Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, 9: 103, 1999)]

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