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Calcium Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer

  Calcium--Supplemental calcium not only helps your bones but reduces colon cancer. Large double blind trial shows positive outcome for the effect of calcium supplementation on colorectal adenomas.
New England Journal of Medicine 1999; 340:101-107.

Synopsis: Diet has long been positively associated with colon cancer risk. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces risk but a diet rich in red meat and animal fats increases risk. The mechanism of problem is thought to be due to excess bile acids that are needed to digest fat. In large amounts over prolonged periods bile acids can be damaging to the linings of the bowel. The theory that calcium can bind these bile acids and prevent their damaging effect has been supported in animal studies but with inconsistent results in human studies. The positive outcome of this double blind trial is significant. Patients with a history of colorectal adenomas
  were given three thousand milligrams of calcium carbonate per day for four years. Those who took the calcium had significantly lower recurrent adenomas than those on the study taking a placebo. This positive result was independent of fat or fiber consumption.

Personal Health Lifestyles Nutrient Power Notes: Your body also uses calcium for nerve impulses and muscle contractions. That's why extra calcium can help with leg and muscle cramps. Calcium carbonate generally provides only a 10-15% actual bioavailability of calcium. A chelated calcium form, the presence of co-factor interactive nutrients, and the consistent daily presence of these nutrients is more important for bioavailability than just the raw daily quantity.

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