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Soy Kills Cancer Cells and Limits Spread of Diseases

    Men whose diets are high in soy protein face a lower risk of deadly prostrate cancer, epidemiologiocal studies have indicated. Animal experiments now suggest that soy defends the prostrate by inducing suicide among cancer cells and limiting their spread. In a series of six-month-long studies, Dr. Goran Hallmans, University of Umea, Sweden, implanted cancer cells under the skin of rats and hairless mice. Then, he fed the rodents diets from which they would derive one-third of their calories from protein. Some animals got protein from soy, which is rich in plant estrogens known as isoflavones.   Whole-grain rye, which contains large amounts of lignans--another family of plant estrogens--provided the protein for others. The final group consumed milk casein, an estrogen-free protein. Both the soy- and rye-based diets reduced growth of tumors, compared with growth of tumors, compared with the growth of cancers in casein-fed animals. Moreover, only the soy and rye diets induced apoptosis, natural death in the implanted tumor.
[All Natural Muscular Development, February 2000, Vol. 37, Number 2]

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