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Cindy's Amazing Bone Density Experience

University Lifestyle Study Participant

While participating in a university lifestyle study project, Cindy's bone density was taken using a DEXA complete body scan machine.
DEXA Scan Type: Whole Body (click here)
The chart at the bottom of this scan shows that her 1.405 bone density at age 39 is better than the average 20 year old woman's bone density of 1.27.
DEXA Scan Type: Left Hip (click here)
The chart at the bottom of this scan shows her hip area has a bone density of 1.292 at age 39, which is better than the 1.197 average hip bone density of 20-year old womens' hips.

"I was so amazed to see that I have no osteoporosis. I've been taking Ultra Toddy, Multi-EFA, and BioCalcium for over five years and I know these products have given me the power to to keep my body healthy and my bones strong. I'm in control of minimizing the aging process and in some areas even reversing my aging! I've tried other quality brands from different companies, but I always come back to this program because I can feel the difference and now I can even see it on paper!"

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