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Colloidal Silver Testimonials

Edited version of what was told to Erid Laver on the October 8, 1994 Saturday Conference Call by Donalda DeAdder

I want to give a testimonial for the colloidal silver. You know me really well and you know how cautious I am at times, being in the medical field.

I have a non-functioning thyroid, diabetes, chronic bronchitis and asthma in the right lung. You name it and I've got it. I've had the same sinus infection for two years. I even had surgery for it two years ago. It seems like I've had it forever!

So, a couple of weeks ago I started taking the colloidal silver. However, after listening to the Conference Call last week, I decided to hit it really heavy, and I've been taking it twice a day. I've gone through one bottle and I'm on the second bottle.

I want you to know that this is the first time I've been able to breathe. I can take a good, deep breath for the first time in I don't know how many years and I'm not coughing. My sinuses aren't completely cleared up, but there is none of the drainage or the other symptoms I've had since I've started taking the colloidal silver. I am sold on colloidal silver!!


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I have some great success stories about the fantastic colloidal silver that I would like to share. It has cured the following in my customer and family users: cold sores, strep throat, and ear and sinus infections, and all within 24 hours if a teaspoon is taken at least 3 to 4 times a day. On top of all this it has quickly and successfully taken warts away when used topically, and has been awesome for skin problems of every kind. For example, acne, sunburns, diaper and other rashes, cuts and, yes, even bruises.

A daily maintenance dose has kept my boys well ever since the week it bacame avilable. I know that it kept me from getting sicker than I would have without it. It has also been very successful in flu virus situations. One of the most favorite uses is on cold sores. People can't believe how fast it takes the soreness and heat away. It dries them up faster than anything they have ever used. It is very soothing and helpful in earaches. Someone in my downline uses it in and around her eyelids for a virus she gets frequently. It works much quicker for her than the medicine prescribed for her by doctors. She says that it is much more soothing also. I can't say enough about the colloidal silver. It has quickly become my favorite, and the easiest of all the products to sell.

—Jody Haslam

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Last July, Connie knew that a new colloidal silver product was going to come out any time. She was hoping that she could keep from getting sick until it came out. Unfortunately, by the middle of July she has strep. Erid called Connie that day, and when he found out she was sick he said he would be over in about 15 minutes.

Even though the colloidal silver wasn't available for ordering yet, Erik had gotten hold of one bottle. He gave the bottle to Connie. She took a megadose (1 Tablespoon) at 10:30 that night, another one at 6:30 the next morning and another megadose (1 Tablespoon) at 11:30 that same day. By the time she had taken the third megadose-barely 12 hours from the first megadose-she had no more coughing, and her fever and achiness were gone. She was still hoarse, but that was it! She finished that bottle over the next week and her symptoms never returned.

The thing that really made an impression on Connie was how quickly it worked for her. With a normal 10-day prescription, she usually has to go back and get five more days of medicine to get rid of an illness. The illness then usually returns in a month anyway.

—Connie Cosman

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Andrue had an ear infection so severe that the outside of his ears were bright red! He also had a temperature of 104. Connie put colloidal dsilver in his ears ( a couple of drops from a medicine dropper) and he also took it orally 5 to 6 times a day (1 Tablespoon each time). Three days after he began getting the colloidal silver, he was teken to the doctor. The doctor asked what medication he had been given and when Connie told him she had been giving Andrue Tylenol and colloidal silver, he asked about the silver. AsConnie described what it can do, he just rolled his eyes. The doctor's verdict was that Andrue had the beginnings of an ear infection!

Connie really has faith in colloidal silver and she has found many other uses for it, also.

—Andrue Cosman


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