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Uses For Colloidal Silver
Pre-1938 and New Uses

The following is a collection of conditions and pathogens that were being succesfully treated using colloidal silver before 1938.

Anthrax Bacilli B Coli B Procaneus
Appendicitis B Coli Communis B Tuberculosis
Axillae & Blind Boils B Dysenteria Bacillary Dysentery
Bladder Infection Bromidrosis in Axillae Chronic Cystitis
Blepharitis Bromidrosis in Feet Chronic Enzema
Boils Cerebra-spinal Meningitis Colitis
Corneal Burns & Wounds Dacryocystitis Diphtheria
Corneal Ulcers Dermatitis Dysentary
Cystitis Diarrhea Ear Infections
Enlarged Prostate Follicular Tonsillitis Gonorrhea
Epididymitis Furunculosis Gonorrheal Conjunctivitis
Erysipelas Gonococcus Gonorrheal Pothalmia
Gonorrheal Prostatic Gket Proline
Hemorrhoids Infantile Disease Interstitial Keratitis
Hypopyon Ulcer Inflammatory Rheumatism Intestinal Trouble
Impetigo Influenza Lesion Healing
Leucorrhoea Nasopharyngeal Catarrh Hyperplasia
Menier's Symptoms Oedematous Enlargement Opthamology
Nasal Catarrh Turbinate w/o True Opthalmic Practices
Para-Typhoid Phlegmon Pruritus Ani
Paramecium Phlyctenular Conjunctivitis Puerperal Septicaemia
Perineal Eczema Pneumococci Purulent Ophthalmia
Pustular Eczema of Scalp Rhinitis Sepsis
Pyorrhea Alveolaris Ringworm of the Body Septic Tonsillitis
Quinsies Scarlatina Septic Ulcers (Leg)
Septicaemia Spring Catarrh Stahylococcus Pyogenea
Shingles Sprue Staphylococcus Pyogen Albus
Soft Sores Staphyloclysis (inhibits) Staphylococcus Pyogen Aureus
Streptococci Tinea Versicolor Typhoid
Subdues Inflammation Tonsillitis Typhoid Bacillus
Suppurative Appendicitis Toxaemia (Dermatitis and Urticaria) Ulcerative Urticaria
Valsalva's Inflammation Warts
Vincent's Angina Whooping Cough

Recent articles have described silver being used to treat:
Adenovirus 5 Bovinre Rotavirus Legionella Pneumophila
Asper Gillus Niger Candida Albicans Poliovirus 1 (Sabin Strain)
Bacilli Typhlosis Endamoeba Histolytic (cysts) Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Salmonella Vegetative B. Cereus Cells
Spore-Forming Bacteria
Stretococcus Frecalis

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