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David's Amazing Recovery from an Old Sports Injury

When in High School, David Wilson injured his ribs and cartilage on his left side playing sports. It was a pretty serious injury and took him about six weeks to heal.

Recently, he was wrestling with one of his friends and re-injured his left side. This time however, it was a lot more serious. He cracked all his ribs down his left side and badly tore the cartilage as well. He let it heal one month and went to see a chiropractor because he thought he'd thrown his back out. The chiropractor believed that his ribs were out of alignment and didn't heal properly, and that was the reason for his back being out. So the chiropractor re-broke his ribs to "set" them properly.

David was in so much pain, he couldn't even get in his car to drive to the chiropractor's office. If he rotated slightly in the wrong direction three of his ribs would pull out of the cartilage. He decided to try nutrition...

He bought Ultra Body Toddy, EFA and Chicken Cartilage. He had amazing results! It took him two weeks to accomplish the same results that it had taken him six weeks to accomplish in the first injury. He had more damage to his ribs the second time around yet it took him 1/3 the length of time to heal.

It's amazing what the body can do when it has the proper nutrients to heal itself.