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Suggested Dosage for the OA-Kit (Nutritional Support for Osteoarthritis)

When starting this supplement program it is best to take 1/2 the dosage for at least a week, with the dosage being split into two dosages; half at breakfast and half at dinner. Then slowly start increasing to the full recommended amount.

If at any time you experience headaches, body aches, diarrhea, or upset stomach; cut your dosage in half and slowly build back up. If you're experiencing any of these problems, it's because your body is cleansing and throwing off toxins too rapidly, that's why it's important to cut back on the dosage.

Suggested Dosage Information for the OA-Kit:

For suggested full dosages take the following:

After one week at 1/2 of the following dosages, gradually increase the amounts you are taking to a daily total of 1 Tbsp. Ultra, 2 or more capsules of Multi-EFA, and 4 or more capsules of Flex Flow. For our suggestions on when and how to take each product please see the following.

  • With Morning Food: 1/2 Tbsp. Ultra, 1 capsule Multi-EFA, 2 capsules Flex Flow.

  • With Evening Meal: 1/2 Tbsp. Ultra, 1 capsule Multi-EFA, 2 capsules Flex Flow.

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