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My Second MLM Adventure?

My Second MLM adventure, and I will call it an adventure because you never know what you are going to get into, was with a company that had unique testing equipment that could scan a person’s health level. The plan was to take the test equipment to the people, scan them, and as most people’s habits do not lend themselves to good health, the scan would show them how un-healthy they were and they would naturally, for fear of a premature death, buy my product that was proven and guaranteed to improve their test score.  This plan was perfect, what could go wrong?  I scan, they buy, they use for a month, I rescan and the score is up, and they are sold on my product and good health for life.  Nothing can go wrong with this plan right?  I later learned, the hard way, that the word scan is too close to the word scam.

Now, Only seasoned distributors, who qualified, were allowed to have their very!  Own!!  testing equipment!!!  and pay the monthly rental fee!  But, the company required a modest testing fee for each of the health scams (I mean scans) and distributors were allowed to mark up the scan price to help cover the monthly rental fee. 

I went to work to qualify for my very own testing equipment and what a proud day that was when I was finally able to go and sign that rental agreement and pickup my very own scanner.  It would not be long now and I would have several of these babies in my down line organization.  Now step one of my “scan buy scan buy buy buy”  plan was in place. 

Step two, how to get people to scan?  This idea was brilliant; all I needed was a sales force.  But how do I get a sales force? I go to the local school and offer to do a fund raiser!!!  I will provide a scan to each person who donates the scan fee to the fund raiser.  This will cost me a little marketing, but I now had hundreds of little tikes in my sales force all with moms, dads, uncles, aunts, Grandpas and Grandmas, This was brilliant, and how many schools are in need of money and fund raisers?  Nothing could go wrong with this plan.  The date was set, prizes were added as incentive for my sales force.  And when the date finally came well over a hundred people had donated.

I enlisted my up line to bring their scanning equipment just to handle the anticipated numbers.  My product was prominently displayed at the entrance so that people would see there opportunity for good health when they arrived and not miss their only opportunity as they left.
We scanned a lot of people that night and almost all were low. There were a few who were fruit and vegetable addicts that passed, and many a husband that was told see, I told you so. But only two bought product off my prominent , pristine, prestiges, over stocked product display table. One person only bought once, and the second person was my customer for two whole months.

I spent the next few months paying that rental fee, trying to determine what I was doing wrong. Then it hit me I wasn't doing anything wrong. My job was to get people to scan, the scans job was to get people to buy, The products job was to keep people buying. I, and my little sales force, had done my Job very well in fact if I say so myself. It was the Scanner or (Scammer) and the product that did not do their jobs.

Hence my criteria that the "Product" must sell itself.

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