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Product Negatives?

This sections reviews the negative information and angles people take to try to dis-credit a company and it's products: Anyone looking on the internet will find both positive and negative information about any topic they do a search on. The question one should always remember to ask is what motivates the negative people to be negative. Is it for personal gain? For example, do they get more traffic, hence more revenue by added advertising to their web site because they are able to create controversy.

Product Cost:This is always a classic angle negative people use regarding products. This is covered in our "Cost Negative?" section.

The Company Has No Proof That A Product Works: This is always a classic angle negative people will use regarding a product to prove that it is a scam.  They are either un-educated on the matter, or are trying to deceive for personal gain.   People who make such a statement also have no proof that the product does not work.  They will not come right out and say this because if they do without the proof they will be held legally liable.  Their intent is to cause doubt, to get people to look another direction for answers.  The big question on this item is why are they spending time, energy, and effort to negatively tear down a product or item instead of positively trying to build up their own product or item.  The answer is because it is more profitable for them to do so.  If they can divert you away from a successful product, then they can likely point you to their product that may also work, but for some reason is not worth their own time to positively promote.

If the product really worked, why donít they do the testing?:Or because the testing is not done the product must not really work and it is all hype and a scam?  Add to this list the only people that say it works are those promoting it and are likely just lying for personal gain. Or, if they truly believe it works, they made it up in their mind because they wanted it to work.  The key to remember is that we all know that anything we do positive nutritionally in our life will help us be healthier.  Sadly, because of genetic disposition outcome or results can vary.  Some people are able to eat like a horse and remain slim and trim, while others eat like a canary and can’t trim down.  Life does not seem fair with regard to this matter.  Some get sick while others never get sick, the exact same treatment saves one person’s life while another dies.   Once a company knows that they have a product that improves a significant element of health, Improvement to any element of health will in some way effect the overall health.   If such an element has the ability to improve health at the cellular level empowering cells to fight for life and health, It would be un-ethical to not promote the product as such to the betterment and benefit of mankind.  What disease would the promoters of the above negative questions and statements have the company start with?   What and who should be left until the last on the disease list?  Bottom line, If the company has evidence that the product improves health, and does no harm, even though results may vary, they should move forward to promote and market, otherwise the company and the final consumer who may benefit lose their window of opportunity.  Those who use, and see the benefit, will continue to use, those who do not see a benefit will stop.  If the product is a scam, the company will fail.  A reputable company can and should continue to study and research and develop a current product, as well as future products, even during a product marketing campaign.

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