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Why Get Involved with Protandim?

Everyone has a story to tell and this is my Protandim Story. If you would like to share your story with me you can email me at the link below.

When I was asked to look at Protandim and the Life Vantage opportunity, skepticism was the thought of the day followed by do not get involved. Out of respect, and a courtesy, to those who asked, and determined to at least listen and learn so that my due diligence would satisfy them when I gave the "No Answer" I allowed the appointment to be made.  I’m a Professional Engineer by degree/practice and as such I always look for the technical facts to drive my decision making.   I have also had 15 years of involvement in the nutritional industry.  My start in the industry was with a network marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company and over the 15 years I have been affiliated with two different MLM companies.  Also over the years, as you can imagine, I have been invited to join many MLM opportunities.  To help stay the wave of opportunities and excited people, I have developed four key criteria to allow me to determine, from an educated standpoint, if I was interested in the opportunity.  Criteria that usely allow me to just "SAY NO". The four criteria are: 

The Product: Must be a unique consumable, not widely available, that everyone not only needs but wants.  Also the company must have Proof, Preferably Clinical, that the product works.  Finlay, the product must sell itself. Sell itself?!?!?!?! Where did that come form? No product does that. It would be nice to stay in bed while you send all your product out to work for the day. That "Sell Itself" criteria came from my 2nd MLM adventure. In short summery, once I introduce people to the product they use it, they like it, they want it, and they continue using it because it works.

Marketing Tools: There must be an easy, hassle free, way to quickly and efficiently introduce people to the product so that they become educated, understand the benefits, then make the decision to try the product. I do want to hassle people, no door to door, I want a way that gets people excited so they come to me and ask questions. Then I'm helping not hassling!!

Market Saturation: The Company can't be another name changed, bygone MLM Company and the company momentum must be approaching market critical mass with expected exponential growth for the next few years.

The Company: must have an ownership structure that does not lend itself to the whimsical fantasies of a few that could destroy the company from within. I learned or developed this criteria the hard way from my 1st MLM adventure.

As the evidence was presented, it became clear that the four criteria above would not allow me to "just say no" but would require a "Yes".

The Product: was a unique patent consumable only available from one company that everyone could benefit from using and the product was clinically proven to work or do what was being promoted. The product would sell itself if people would listen long enough to learn, they would try it.

Marketing Tools: The tools exceeded expectation with the featured YouTube ABC's Primetime live. and the fact that celebrity Donny Osmond uses Protandim and thinks it is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. He said "I have found something Dr. Phil, that I think is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. . .I have been [using it] for the last two years. . .It's called Protandim, and it works." As quoted on the Dr. Phil Show. Dr. Phil Show . Also, if you are reading this page, I hope you are not feeling hassled. This is an easy hassle free way to share life changing information. Let people get back with you if they are interested. . .However, one check back does not hurt.

Market Saturation: The Company is new and poised in the anti-oxidant arena with significant momentum and exponential growth expected for the next few years likely not achieving market saturation through 2015 depending on how quickly people get involved.

The Company: This was a significant show stopping element or crieria for me. Having been involved in MLM before and watching hard work go down the drain as a few company owners siphoned company capital to fight legal battles between each other was not fun. My findings are that LifeVantage is publicly traded (LFVN) on the NASDAQ with a 7 member board of directors and structure that makes the likelihood of a whimsical few causing problems from within a very low risk.

What About any Negatives?: Anyone looking on the internet will find negative information, The question one should always remember to ask is what motivates the negative people to be negative. Is it for personal gain? Do they get more traffic, hence more revenue by advertisements that create controversy. The old adage "If you don't have anything nice to say, you should not say anything at all." should be, but is not, our societal norm.

How to get involved: Talk to the person that directed you to this web page. They will help you with our easy three step process to help you get involved with Protandim. They will also answer any questions you may have, and can help you get access to a dedicated and knowledgeable upline that will also help.

We welcome all Email!

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