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Institute of Nutritional Science

(Excerpt from Mission Statement and Services Brochures)

The Institute of Nutritional Science was founded with the express purpose of conducting and gathering research on the very latest breakthroughs relative to the use of natural substances in the health and well-being of mankind. The scant information about nutrition that eventually reaches the public through the typical media avenues represents a mere fraction of that which is available. What does make its way to the press often takes months or even years.

The Institute, with offices in New Zealand, the United States, and England, serves as a clearing house for the gathering of this cutting edge research from around the world. Many sources of researched information are available from the Institute in books, audio tapes, and special reports.

Education Programs — Further, The Institute provides ongoing outreach education programs around the country in the form of full day seminars designed to teach those with little clinical background how to maximize their health and longevity and avoid health challenges through the proper management of diet, nutrition supplements, and wise lifestyle choices. The Institute also offers certificate training programs for those individuals wishing to futher pursue their knowledge and training in the field of clinical nutrition.

Individualized Evaluations and Consultations — are available to interested persons for a fee. However, SupraLife International has negotiated a "FEE WAIVER" agreement for all customers associated with them. This agreement with SupraLife allows all customers associated with SupraLife free telephone and fax consultations with The Institute for both initial nutrition questions or for continuing support consultations.

Nutrient Evaluations and Hair Analysis — are additional in-depth personalized evaluative measures that can be purchased economically through the Institute of Nutritional Science.

24 hour Voice-on-Demand Phone System Information Recorded information on Nutrition Philosophy, Chronic Degenerative Diseases, Weight Management, Immune Enhancement, Children's Nutrition, Men and Women's Health Care, and Upcoming Speaking Engagements by Doctor Whiting.