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Integrated Nutrition

"Integrated" means that all the nutrients are preplanned to fit ideally with other nutrients. A program with "Integrated Nutrition" provides "Synergism" (the final result of the nutrients is better than if each nutrient were taken separately). This type of complete program provides an adequate daily quantity of each nutrient in ideal and optimal ratios to each other.

Each product is evaluated for quality and integrationThe supplement line and products that we carry and combine together are completely reviewed so that our customers can have confidence that their purchase is fully integrated. A personal program must balance the health challenge and nutrition goals within available finances.

If cost is a problem, stay on your program, but just lower your daily dosageWe provide minimum recommended daily dosages, but you should evaluate the response of your body to higher and lower dosages to determine the best level for your body. Remember, if you weigh more, your body requires higher levels of nutrients.

On the other hand, if your budget is quite limited, you should consider lowering the dosages to save on cost. This will compromise the time for your body to respond, but a supplement program that has a lower dosage of everything, day after day, for several months, is much better than supplementing for 4 weeks and then quitting because it is costing too much.

Your body needs a foundation of complete coverage of all nutrients with additional special nutrients or herbs for special needs. Our programs provide more noticeable nutritional success than other programs because they are complete in quantity and ratio. This complete coverage is missing in the "health food store" hit-or-miss fragmented approach where you get just a handful of nutrients in products that are not even designed to integrate with each other.

You can take charge of your health with scientifically researched and tested natural products that put your body in the best possible position to heal & take care of itself. So give it a try: your body will soon find out what it feels like to have all 100+ nutrients each day so that it can operate at peak efficiency to achieve vitality and ideal well-being every day!

Important Note: Our products are purely nutritional in nature, and contain no drugs whatsoever. They are not intended to cure, heal or alleviate any type of illness or disease. However, your body has the amazing power to heal itself when you give it the appropriate nutrients in adequate and optimal quantities.

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