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The mission, purpose, and vision statements for Personal Health Lifestyles will help you quickly see our committment to...
     Complete customer satisfaction
     Scientific health education
     Options for individualized nutrition assistance
     Options for technical health evaluation
     Economical quality products (with 30-day money back guarantee)

Interrelated Companies

To provide you with excellence in the above areas, we are affiliated with two other companies: The Institute of Nutritional Science and SupraLife International.

The Institute of Nutritional Science

Our Customer Assistance program is extended to include technical nutrition consultations and technical health evaluations provided by The Institute of Nutritional Science.

SupraLife International

The Integrated Nutrition products that we carry are those of SupraLife International. We are an independent distributor of their complete product line and offer you their low wholesale distributor prices. All SupraLife products have a 30-day money back guarantee. SupraLife requires a Wholesale Buyer Registration Fee to qualify for wholesale prices.

Personal Health Lifestyles

We carry several add-on supplements in addition to the SupraLife products. These supplements provide for specific health conditions that are not covered by the SupraLife product line. We provide the 30-day money back guarantee on these products. Payment of the SupraLife Wholesale Buyer Registration Fee qualifies customers for wholesale prices on all the products that we carry.
Customer Assistance Services
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  • Personal Health Lifestyles -- Customer Assistance & Health Discussion
    Customers associated with Personal Health Lifestyles may obtain personalized information regarding health/nutrient associations directly from us at 1-800-943-1123.
  • Institute of Nutritional Science -- Nutrient/Disease Consultation
    Wouldn’t you love to be able to call a nutrition Doctor for real technical details on those specific health questions? Or get a deeper look at your body’s nutritional status by having a Nutrient Evaluation Test or a Hair Analysis Test.

    Once you are affiliated with us, you have FREE phone (1-888-454-8464) or fax (619-271-0912) access for help from the Institute’s competent nutritional staff. This opportunity is available through a special agreement between SupraLife and the Institute of Nutritional Science.

    Dr. Whiting, the Director of the Institute, is a renowned author, speaker and formulator, and has appeared on hundreds of radio programs across the country. As a consultant for SupraLife, Dr. Whiting shares his extensive background and knowledge of nutrition and biochemistry in a number of ways. As you get to know them, you’ll come to appreciate the many services the Institute has to offer!

  • Nutrient Evaluations
    Your body chemistry is unique and speaks a language all its own through sensations or feelings. These feelings appear as symptoms. Understanding what your body is telling you has amazing results.

    The Nutrient Evaluation Test was developed by The Institute of Nutritional Science as a complete and accurate way of finding out exactly what your body needs. It covers all vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, glandular extracts, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber.

    You can now build a sound program of dietary supplement intake based on what you body is telling you rather than what the latest advertisement tries to tell you.

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  • Hair Analysis
    The Institute of Nutritional Science also provides an analytical test which measures the mineral content of hair. The sampled hair is prepared in a licensed clinical laboratory through a series of chemical and high temperature digestive procedures. The results identify harmful levels of heavy minerals in the body.
    It is an excellent screening tool to indicate mineral imbalances and can lead to the determination of nutrient deficiencies.

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Proper nutrition provides the body the raw material for the body to maintain good health. The alarming increase in health problems is undisputable evidence that food sources are inadequate. The question is no longer "Should I supplement?" but "Which supplement? and How Much?"

So many nutrients ... so many companies ... so many products. Here's just a few reasons why our products are unique and can make a difference:

  • Integrated Nutrition means that the products are designed to have an adequate quantity, and also that quantity is set to be optimally balanced with other cofactor nutrients.

  • The liquid products are easily absorbed by the body and can be increased or decreased according to current health activities and challenges (just pour out an extra ¼ or ½ ounce). That balanced proportional increase of all nutrients would be impossible with a capsule program.

  • Our suggested product combination provides you complete coverage of all 100+ nutrients for as little as $50 to $55 per month. The program provides more optimal coverage than anything you can get through a local store, but for much less.

  • SupraLife fully owns and operates Natureceutical, their supplement manufacturing facility. This allows SupraLife to have complete in-house quality control of the potency validation of raw materials, and the patented complex mixing process of the complete spectrum liquid products.

  • Natureceutical production is controlled at a pharmaceutical level of security.

Our Iron Clad Guarantee
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  • We allow a 15-25 day buffer beyond the product purchase date to provide for any delay in shipping and start of product usage.

  • SupraLife provides a 30-day money back guarantee on all their products.

  • A 30-day money back guarantee is extended by us to all the non-SupraLife products that we carry.

  • To save confusion, if product is purchased from us we will handle the return to you and then submit appropriate information to SupraLife if the return involved their products.

  • Products made from natural ingredients will sometimes vary slightly. This is in no way reflective of any change in product potency. If, however, you are ever dissatisfied with a product you have purchased from us please call to establish an exchange, or a return and refund.

  • The processing and shipping fee is not refundable.

[Top] - [Customer Assistance] - [Products] - [Guarantee] - [Shipping]
  • We generally ship within 24 hours on all packages.

  • Packages are shipped via UPS ground service.

  • UPS next day air, 2nd day air and 3rd day priority shipping are also available at an additional cost. You will need to call for pricing.

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