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In OCtober 1994, I had a severe back injury. I crushed three vertebrae and was in horrible pain for nearly two years. The medication my doctor gave me did not help at all. I could not move without the pain becoming almost unbearable.

My doctor told me that the pain would only get better when the lower disk in my back disintegrated-and that this could take a very long time! I visited my son and he had me start taking Ultra Body Toddy.

In four months, my back pain was gone. A MIRACLE I SAY! The Toddys give me more energy and I will never stop taking them.

--Rosemarie Elam


I just want you to know how the Total Toddy and the Mineral Toddy has effected my life. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and after about a month on the products, the pain in my wrists went away. My hair also became thicker-I call it hair restoration! I not only felt much better, but my friends kept commenting on how well my skin, eyes and hair looked.

Even though I knew it worked wonders, I thought the Toddy's were rather expensive for me. So, I decided to try a comopetitor's product that cost less. Well, after about three months on this other product, I could feel and see myself falling back into my initial state of health. The pain in my wrists started coming back and I started losing my hair again. I've started coming back on the Toddy products and look foreward to getting my health back!

P.S. I also have a very good friend in another state who was very sick aa while ago. The doctors just told him that they could do nothing for him-he should just go home and basically prepare himself to die. He started on the Mineral Toddy and Total Toddy and is not only alive, but now has so much spark in his life that he is chasing his wife around the house again!

--Barbara B. Baker

My Old HYPER Self Again!

For five years I had to take as many as three naps per day. Even after sleeping eight or more hours a night I'd wake up tired. After taking Mineral Toddy for just three days my husband could see a major difference in me. As a matter of fact his comment was, "My Gosh, she's her old hyper self again."

It is great to have my good old energy back again. Wover the past few months I have started taking Total Toddy and a few other Eagle products (OxyRich, Bio Calcium, Enzyme Plus, EFA Plus NK Daily, etc). ALL THE EAGLE PRODUCTS ARE GREAT.

--Rose Marie Hardy

Spotlight On An Olympian...

I have been going flat out since March. This year I used the Eagle products exclusively for the first time ever I have experienced no down time from fatigue or injury. Your products are great and have really made a difference to me. Thanks Soaring Eagle.

--John Howard

Even SURGERY Can't Hold Me Back...

Over the past 18 years I've had 5 total hip replacements and arthritis in my joints. About a year ago I started taking Ultra Body Toddy and Mineral Toddy and now I feel great.

During the past year I've hardly taken any medication and I'm still going strong. I am 73 years old and have lots of energy.

I feel that the Toddys have really helped me. I tell a lot of people about them and recommend that EVERYONE take them.

--Barbara Hanks


I was introduced to Soaring Eagle's Ultra Body Toddy and Rainforest Toddy 18 months ago. I have Hepatitis C and had to take treatments that are similar to Chemotherapy. I know that the Toddys helped me get through the treatments.

After taking the products my energy level was above normal and the aches and painds that accompanied the treatment were minimal. I have recommended Soaring Eagle to dizens of people and have given out the 800 number to all my friends on the Internet. I want other people to benefit from your wonderfuul products, much like I have.

--Patricia Buchanan


In October of this past year, our son Jonathan spent a day at the allergist. After hours of tests he was diagnosed as being allergic to dust mites, tree pollen and weeds. He was to begin by having two allergy shots a week, for 6-8 weeks. After that we were supposed to switch over to one shot a week.

My husband and I were not crazy about the idea of giving Jonathan shots. My brother suggested that we include AllerForce with Jonathan's daily Total Toddy and Mineral Toddy supplements. The results have been incredible.

Jonathan has not had one allergy shot, and hasn't had any colds or the flu. The best thing is that he hasn't had any reactions to things he's allergic to. BIOTIC CODE AllerForce is truly amazing.

--Carla Hruby