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Calorie Sensitivity Versus Carbohydrate Intolerance

The greatest health risk in America is excess weight. It affects more than 36 million adults and 5 million children.

If you are overweight you are:

  • Seven times more likely to get high blood pressure

  • Thirty times more likely to develop diabetes

  • Have 7 times higher risk of infections

  • And 24% of all cancers are caused by obesity

    The traditional approach to weight management is to classify everyone as Calorie Sensitive and use a calorie restriction program. In fact, the last ten years could be labeled "The Decade of low-Fat Foods and Low-Calorie Diets." And yet obesity has doubled in the last decade and is expected to double again in the next decade.

  • Why has this happened?

  • Dr. Whiting's research shows that 60-70% of Americans are Carbohydrate Intolerant instead of Calorie Sensitive. These individuals have a predisposition (because of the way their insulin functions) for storing starches and sugars as bodyfat instead of using them for energy. Also, in general, they do very poorly on a Low-Calorie Diet.

  • Low-fat or nonfat foods use a combination of sugars (in place of the fat) to make the food taste good. The excess sugar gives temporary energy, then a spiking of insulin controls the excess sugar, and then there is a drastic decline in energy. The body then converts excess sugar into triglycerides which is stored as bodyfat. Statistics show that the average person consumes his or her bodyweight in sugar each year! This is the average guy, not just the obese. This constant sugar/insulin spiking is a causative factor for adult onset diabetes.

  • Low-Calorie programs often trigger higher activity and quantity of the fat storage enzyme Lipoprotein Lipase. This enzyme causes a collection and hording of fat during the diet and for weeks after the diet, such that everything lost is packed back on and even a little extra for safety.

  • During calorie deficits the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) drops like a rock, which means you burn less calories every waking and sleeping minute of the day. Also, the body will cannibalize muscle to keep you alive, causing a decrease in lean body tissue which decreases your bodyfat burning ability.

  • What can you do to change things? A lot, just READ ON!

    First, send for our free booklet Lifetime Weight Managment and complete the enclosed "testing sheet" so that you know if you are Carbohydrate Intolerant or Calorie Sensitive. Some individuals will have a mixture of calorie sensitive and carbohydrate intolerant tendencies. In general, these individuals will do best by taking the carbohydrate intolerant approach to weight managment.

    Dr. Whiting's booklet Lifetime Weight Management gives detailed guidelines on how to manage both a "Carbohydrate Intolerant" or "Calorie Sensitive" body type. In addition, individuals on his program have access to his toll-free number for additional consultations with the certified nutritionists on his staff or if needed directly with him.

    Second, the following basic facts will help you see why Dr. Whiting's Program and Products are scientifically sound and have been clinically successful with hundreds of individuals.

    FACT: Even though lotions and body wraps would have you believe otherwise, the ONLY way to truly get rid of fat (triglycerides) is for it to be burned in the mitochondria (furnace) of muscle cells.

    FACT: One pound of muscle uses 35 to 45 calories per day; one pound of fat tissue uses only 2 calories per day. Just one more pound of muscle will allow you to burn up to 40 more calories every day of your life, that's an additional 280 calories per week, and over 1,000 calories per month.

    FACT: Soil depletion from over-farming, food storage and processing, and bad eating habits are all problems that endanger our ability to get adequate vitamins and minerals from our diet. A low-calorie diet has even less nutrition coverage. Nutrition imbalances often cause cravings and binges for salts or sweets.

    Product Solution:

    Increase the activity level of muscle furnaces and the number of muscle furnaces your body has for burning fat; and provide the body with all the nutrient raw materials for biochemical balance.

    Formu-Leane Capsules: Promotes thermogenesis while curbing appetite and reducing cravings (ephedra free).

    Ultra Body Toddy: each 32 oz. bottle contains the full-spectrum of over 100 nutrients--vitamins, minerals (including liquid organic colloidal minerals), amino acids, and antioxidants--in adequate and optimal interrelated quantities for chemical balance, well-being, and appetite control.

    Maxum Force Vanilla Cream or Chocolate Fudge: Ionized whey protein meal replacement shake with 100% RDI's of 23 vitamins and minerals; protein efficiency ratio of over 115%.

    An article in the February 1992 U.S. News and World Report states: Most of the [diet] methods used are so opposed to what is known in nutrition science, that a cynic might conclude they are designed to keep people repeatedly coming back to highly profitable and terribly unsuccessful diet programs for the rest of their lives.

    Dr. Whiting's program is successful because it is based on what is "known in nutrition science" and has the products and personal support available to help you.

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