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Give your Basal Metabolic Rate a Boost

Rule #1:

You have a personal BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) at which your body idles (just like a car engine). Revving up that idling rate results in increased calorie burning.

Many safe nutrients and herbs will naturally enhance the BMR. (Note: ephedrine substances should be avoided).

The BMR also increases during exercise and stays higher for many hours after you exercise.


  • Safely increase your BMR and naturally suppress your appetite through the use of Formu-Leane Capsules; they contain no ephedrine substances.

  • Many find that supplementing with Ultra Toddy or Total Toddy also inhibits food cravings and binging.

  • Establish a fun exercise program that you will be able to stick too to both burn calories and bump up your daily idle speed. Just a little walk a day goes a long way for health!

  • Morning exercise is best. The increased BMR after exercising continues for the rest of the day; but drops at night when you go to sleep.

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