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Increase Muscle to Burn More Calories

Rule #2:

Muscle is your friend. The only way to get rid of a fat cell is for it to be burned in the mitochondria (furnace) of a muscle cell.

Anything that increases your lean body tissue (muscle) will increase the number of furnaces you have for burning fat.

One pound of muscle used 35 to 45 calories per day; a pound of fat tissue uses only 2 calories per day. Increasing muscle will also increase the number of calories that the body burns every minute of the day (whether reading, cleaning, walking, or running).


  • Take the Maxum Force Meal Replacement Shakes (Vanilla Creme or Chocolate Fudge) to provide whey protein. Exponential benefits will be gained if an exercise program is combined with supplementation.

  • Increase protein intake through diet with eggs, milk, cottage cheese, beef, fish, poultry, etc.

  • Add some hand weights to your cardiovascular exercise program; it is best to schedule weight training prior to a cardiovascular workout instead of after.

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