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Take in Enough Calories; Drastic Calorie Deficits Cause the Body to Hoard Fat

Rule #3:

The body has a delicately balanced "caveman" survival instinct. Drastic calorie deficits (or even skipping meals) can stimulate the quantity and activity of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase, which collects digested fat from your blood stream and stuffs it into fat cells.

General Guide: Men avoid dipping below 1600 to 2000 calories a day and women below 1100 to 1600. Note: Additional factors to consider are activity level, current body weight and carbohydrate intolerance. Your body is better off if you do not activate or stimulate that pesky little fat storage enzyme.

For more information on calorie sensitivity versus carbohydrate intolerance Click Here.


Reults of Lipoprotein Lipase Activity:

  • Higher body fat levels

  • Loss of lean muscle (since fat is being stored, the body cannabalizes muscle for energy)

  • Metabolism slows down so you burn less calories (body survival and conservation of energy)

  • Toxic waste from the muscles burning protein makes you feel sick

  • When you finally give in to the losing battle, your body still retains the "survival fat storage" activity for many days, so you regain in just a handful of days what it took you weeks to get off

  • The sad ending! You finish this sycle with a higher body fat level and lower lean body tissue (less muscle furnaces to burn fat in the future)

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