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Facts for Anti-Aging and Self-Management Strategies

Aging Is Not What It Appears Aging Facts and Theories

The most widespread disorder in America today is premature old age. The passage of time doesn't kill anyone and you don't really die of "old age." The cells in your body have to be constantly replaced. When your body ceases to replace the old cells with new ones, you accumulate an excess of old dead cells and eventually die.

Many aging theories have been proposed over the years. The most ancient and INCORRECT being the idea that blood pressure and cholesterol rise with age, that bone density and strength declines with age, that middle-age is inevitable, and that sexuality disappears altogether. It's NOT TRUE!

Any studies that have proven these factors to be true are based on an aging population that was ignorant of the fact that they could do something to break the cycle. The average aging American has had inadequate nutrition and generally lived a sedentary and overweight life. If that is what you choose to do then the above aging signs will be true for you!

The proven and correct theory is based on "free radical damage." Free Radicals are highly unstable chemical "buzz-bombs" that steal electrons from your body's delicate membranes and genetic (DNA) structure to balance themselves; causing the genetic code to change slightly. Free radicals are so chemically reactive that they only exist for a millionth of a second, but there are millions of them every second. They come from food, water, air, smoking, chemical exposure, even exercise and sleeping causes cellular function and waste. Oxidation is the name for this process of cellular damage or decay.

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Aging Diseases

Face it, you can't avoid free radicals; and here's why you must try to minimize their daily attack on your body. The cell mutations that free radicals cause to your DNA will snowball dangerously over time. In fact, cancer is the result of mutated cells taking charge and proliferating out of control.

Most dysfunction of the cardiovascular system, the heart, pancreas, kidneys, immune system, and energy cycle can now be traced to free radical damage.

DNA mutations are literally passed through chromosomes to children

One of the most appalling issues is that of passing on mutated DNA and genetic weakness to your offspring. Your mutated cellular DNA genetic code is part of the chromosomes you provide to a new child, and will pass to that child the cumulative effect of those genetic modifications. Over the years these mutations are creating more and more problems.

Some common aging problems include age spots, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and other diseases related to memory loss.

Just because you're getting older doesn't mean that you have to accept memory loss as inevitable. Multiple scientific research studies report that proper nutrition and active stimulation are keys to maintaining a sharp and active memory over your entire lifespan. The brain needs nutrient rich blood to function properly and to create the neurotransmitters that are essential in making sure that your body and mind function and communicate well with each other. Besides nutrition, it is important to combat free radical damage in the body, as free radicals can cause enormous damage to the memory cells.

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Premature Aging Self-Management Strategies

Proper nutrition and exercise can reduce the risk of age related diseases of the mind and of the bodyThe most important step is to understand what causes aging. Then the next is to do something about it. Massive amounts of nutrient research validates the effect diet and supplements can have for the body to battle free radicals. Lifestyle changes can also make a big difference.

Our Self-Management Program for Premature Aging Suport will give you this nutrient association information as well as other helpful lifestyles changes.

At this point in time the concept of anti-aging and antioxidant nutrients is so new that the government agencies have not yet addressed this area of health. Given the bureaucratic constipation of most of the government agencies it will be some time before they make any formal statements in this area.

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