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What Are The Top Statistical Killers?

The TOP FOUR KILLERS in America are:

What are the top statistical killers?

#1) Cardiovascular Disease -- Fifty percent of the deaths in America, that's half the deaths in this country, are caused by heart disease. Heart disease is man-made, because it is not contagious. It causes over a million premature deaths per year, it's hard to believe that we cause it all ourselves, but we do! It's a disease that grows silently and often the first sign the victim feels is just a few hours before it kills you. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices are your best protection.

#2) Cancers -- We're losing the war on Cancer! One in three Americans living today will get cancer (thats 1,000,000 new cases every year). After billions of tax dollars and over 35 years of research and technology development, the survival rate is the same 50/50 as it was in 1971 when President Nixon declared a "War on Cancer". (In a family of six, at least two of the members will get cancer and one will die)

#3) Infections -- U.S. Deaths from infection rose 56% between 1980 and 1992, making it the third largest killer of Americans. Your best defense against infection is a tip-top immune system. Drugs often suppress and weaken the immune system; nutrients build and strengthen the immune system.

#4) Adult-onset diabetes -- 100 years ago was #100 on the disease list, now is #4. It's interesting to note that low-fat or nonfat foods use a combination of sugars to give them flavor. It could be said that the "Decade of the Low-fat Diet" has been and continues to be a factor for the increase in Adult-onset diabetes.

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