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Four Good Reasons Why You Should Supplement!
1.   The Commonsense Approach--Your Body Runs On Nutrients, Not Drugs
Main-stream medicine has been focusing on treating the symptoms with drugs. The only differences between drugs and poisons are dosages and intent. Your body runs on nutrients, not drugs.What nutrients do you need? Researchers have figured out that the human body requires over 100 different nutritional building blocks.
2.   The Myth of the Balanced Diet
Although daily food intake is an important baseline for health, you take great health risks and ignore many facts if you just rely on a "balanced diet" for optimal health. If you want to avoid diseases and obtain optimal health, you must go beyond the basic Four Food Groups or the Eating Right Pyramid. Many modern-day causes of vitamin and mineral deficiencies make it impossible to get healthy levels of nutrients from a "balanced diet", no matter how well you eat!
3.   U.S. Death/Health Statistics
The Top Four Killers in America are not drunk drivers, violent killings, AIDS, or illegal drugs. Number one is the noncontagious degeneration of the heart called cardiovascular disease. Other noncontagious diseases are number two, three, and four. The war on these diseases has cost billions of dollars and years of research and yet millions of individuals continue to be victimized. Victimized by the disease, and even by the drugs and treatments for the disease.
4.   America's Skyrocketing Medical Costs, Our Medical System Does Not Produce Good Health
Dr. James P. Carter, in his book titled Racketeering in Medicine:   The Supression of Alternatives discusses the money structure that largely controls organized medicine. This Money Trail can be seen influencing medical schools, state licensing boards, medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and government regulatory agencies. The Vital Statistics of 20 Industrialized Nations shows that Americans spent over $3,000 per person in 1993 for health care; Japan and Sweden spent less than half that and yet their life expectancy and infant mortality rates are respectively first, second or third; America's is 16th and 17th.

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