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[Guarantee] - [Full Spectrum Nutrition] - [Fitness/Weight Mgt.] - [Product Suggestion]
The question is no longer "Should I supplement?" Go to the local bookstore and browse through the health/nutrition books. We know what you'll find there because our Bibliography of Research References contains a majority of those books and more. Every researched-based book will state that the RDAs are out of date when compared to an ODA (Optimal Daily Allowance). General guidelines are always as follows:
  • Take a Complete High-quality Multiple Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
  • Take a gel-cap sealed Essential Fatty Acid Supplement
  • Take Additional Nutrients for Specific Health Challenges

A "Complete High-quality Multiple" should include vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in adequate quantities. We recommend coverage of all 100+ nutrients to assure that every day your body has every nutrient it needs for repairs, muscle contractions, nerve activity, etc.    (Click here) for a specific product suggestion from our product offering.

We've reviewed the product offering of many companies, and found that the only company that provides this level of Integrated Nutrition is a company named SupraLife.


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