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SupraLife History

In May, 1991, Peter & Jacqueline Holliday purchased a company named "Eagle" for $100 and a debt obligation of $820,000. At that time Eagle was a small struggling company with 350 active Distributors. While Eagle carried a basic range of nutritional supplements, its flagship product, Mineral Toddy™, was the pioneer in liquid trace mineral products. Mineral Toddy™, in fact, is where the mineral revolution began!

In the following years Eagle added a number of unique cutting-edge products and experienced incredible growth. During these growth years, Eagle Distributors faced many challenges with shipping delays and product backorders; but the Distributors remained faithful, dedicated and optimistic. Why? Because the products worked! People would do anything to get the one-of-a-kind, quality products that Eagle provided - and they did. Their dedication paid off as Eagle became one of the top nutritional companies in America!

Driven by the concept of Integrated Nutrition (Full Spectrum Nutrition plus Special Products for Special Needs), Eagle’s phenomenal product line grew to include weight management, immune system support, and sports products which have attracted world class athletes such as Steve Scott, American mile record-holder; John Howard, 3 time Olympian; and Martin Wilkinson, World Kickboxing Champion.

SupraLife International

In 1997 Eagle became a debt-free company with sales of over $30 million. To advance the vision of complete health, they formed a holding company, SupraLife International, and also changed the U.S. operational name from Soaring Eagle Ventures to SupraLife. SupraLife International then purchased a British health & skincare company with Distributors in three countries, and officially launched its international subsidiary in early 1998. SupraLife International is now established in the United States, United Kingdom, and Netherlands.

SupraLife fully owns and operates Natureceutical, a  supplement manufacturing facility where many of the liquid supplements are produced. This allows SupraLife complete quality control of the potency validation of raw materials, and the patented complex mixing process of the complete spectrum liquid products.

Federal regulation and control of supplement manufacturing is not as strict for supplements as it is for pharmaceutical drugs. Even though SupraLife is not required to adhere to pharmaceutical standards, they voluntarily do so. Natureceutical produces all products at a pharmaceutical level of production control.

Member of the DSASupraLife has also met the rigorous criteria to qualify as a member of the DSA.

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