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CDP-Choline Caps (Cytidine-choline)
Nutritional Support For Brain Aging

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CDP-Choline CapsWhat Makes CDP-Choline Caps Different?

CDP-choline stands for cytidine-5-diphosphocholine. This unique form of choline readily passes through the blood-brain barrier directly into the brain tissue. Once past the BBB, CDP-choline activates the synthesis of critical components in cell membranes, boosts energy levels of neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, and enhances cerebral energy metabolism. Scientific research validates the value of taking high doses of choline to achieve optimal acetylcholine levels in the brain.

Product #8020
CDP-Choline Caps
(60 capsules)

Nutritional Information**
Each capsule contains:
Cytidine 5-diphosphocholine 250 mg *

Other Ingredients
: Rice flour, magnesium stearate, silica, gelatin and water.

RDI - Reference Daily Intake
* - RDI not established

Suggested Use: Healthy people over age 40 should take one 250 mg capsule a day of CDP-choline. Under the direct care of a physician, some people may take one capsule, twice daily for thirty days. Then, if recommended by a physician, one capsule four times daily may be taken. Daily maintenance dose is one capsule daily. One bottle provides a 60 day supply.

**Nutritional Information may vary slightly from actual product label due to recent changes in labeling laws.

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Facts About Brain Aging

In the late 19th century and much later in the 1960's, scientists discovered that a barrier existed between blood and the brain. This blood brain barrier prevents disease-causing agents in the blood from entering the brain. Yet the brain much also receive circulating nutrients from the blood in order to function properly. This is accomplished by means of specialized receptor-mediated transport systems that exist on the membranes of endothelial cells that comprise the capillary network of the blood brain barrier.

Aging precipitates a progressive decline in overall cognitive function. It causes us to lose our ability to store and retrieve from short-term memory and to learn new information. Many neurological diseases are directly related to aging. However, age-associated mental impairment can have a variety of causes beyond overall aging. Conditions that affect the brain and result in intellectual, behavioral, and psychological dysfunction include medication side effects, substance abuse, metabolic disorders, neurological disorders, infections, trauma, toxic factors, hormonal changes, depression, circulatory disorders and mid-life blood pressure.

Age-associated mental impairment can range in severity from forgetfulness to senility to dementia. Whatever its form or cause, it need not be accepted as a consequence of growing older. Behavioral modifications, such as increased physical and mental activity and a healthy diet, can improve mental function both directly and indirectly by enhancing overall health. Memory can also be improved by using aids such as lists and routines, and by making connections to exiting knowledge. Age-associated mental impairment can be treated safely and effectively with memory-enhancing nutrients that increase available acetylcholine, brain cell energy boosters, hormones, vitamins that become deficient, and antioxidants.

Excerpt from Brain Aging
in The Directory of Life Extension Supplements, 2000. pgs. 60-61

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