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GinkgoldWhat Makes Ginkgold Different?

Ginkgold is the only Ginkgo biloba product proven through research to stimulate activity in all areas of the brain. It was shown to produce potent alpha-enhancing affects that can be classified as a cognitive activator. In addition, Ginkgold maintains healthy blood vessel tone and reduces blood viscosity. Ginkgold is also a proven antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

Product #9240
(100 Tablets)

Nutritional Information
Each Tablet Contains: Each tablet now contains 60 mg of concentrated (50:1) Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, 50% more than before, standardized to 24% ginkgo flavone glycosides and 6% terpene lactones, balanced in their optimum ratios.

Suggested Use: Take one tablet two times daily with water at mealtimes. For intensive use, take up to 2 tablets two times daily with water. One bottle provides a 25-50 day supply; 25 days for the intensive program and 50 days for the regular program.

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Facts About Ginkgo and the Brain

For nearly 2800 years the Chinese have used extracts from the ginko biloba tree to treat a variety of conditions. Studies published in medical journals show that ginkgo can improve mental function in people of all ages. Some European physicians have stated ginkow is more effective than high doses of Hydergine in treating senile dementia.

Ginko may:

  • Correct age related organic brain impairment
  • Increase alertness and mental responsiveness in healthy people
  • Improve cerebral and peripheral circulation
  • Protect small blood vessels against spasm and loss of tone
  • Prevent capillary fragility and blood leakage into surrounding tissue
  • Inhibit blood pooling and clot formation by blocking platelet-activating factor
  • Inhibit atherosclerosis and treat diabetic vascular disease
  • Reduce tissue damage caused by low blood flow
  • Help auditory difficulties including vertigo, tinnitus and deafness
  • Protect against age-related visual disorders such as cataracts and dry macular dengeration
  • Improve the outcome of stroke
  • Inhibit radiation-induced brain edema

Excerpt from Brain Aging in The Directory of life Extension Supplements, 2000 pg 64.

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