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Super E-Complex
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Super E-ComplexWhat Makes Super E-Complex Different?

Super E-Complex contains a high quality, biologically active source of 100% natural vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is important in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also improves blood circulation, promotes healing, reduces scarring from some wounds, reduces blood pressure and aids in preventing cataracts.

Product #9040
Super E-Complex
(250 Softgels)

Nutritional Information
One Softgel Provides:
100% Natural Vitamin E (from mixed tocopherols) 400 IU

Free of common allergens such as fish, corn, yeast, barley, wheat, lactose (milk sugar), and all milk, citrus and egg products. No added flavorings, sugars, salt, articical sweeteners, colorings, preservatives or salicylates.

Suggested Use: As a vitamin E supplement, take one softgel daily, or as directed. Each bottle provides a 250 day supply.

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Facts About Vitamin E and Cancer

Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant that protects living cell membranes from damage by oxygen free radicals. Many studies have found that individuals with Vitamin E deficiencies may be at a higher risk for contracting various kinds of cancers. Since Vitamin E is a respiratory tract antioxidant, taking the proper amounts of Vitamin E is especially important for smokers and for those exposed to second-hand smoke. Vitamin E levels in the body decrease with age, so Vitamin E supplementation is important to the elderly since it gives their immune systems a boost and helps them to better resist infections. From Textbook of Natural Medicine Second Edition, Vol 1. Edited by Joseph F. Pizzorno Jr and Michael T. Murray, 1999. pgs 914-915.

Vitamin E is also helpful for patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy treatment. One study showed that, in conjunction with Vitamin C and N-acetyl-cysteine, Vitamin E protected left ventricle function and reduced ejection fraction in the heart. In addition, Vitamin E provided protection against cardiomyopathies induced by chemotherapy, and in combination with Vitamin A and Coenzyme Q 10 reduced the side effects of the chemotherapy drug Adriamycin. Vitamin E can also increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs. From Disease Prevention and Treatment Expanded Third Edition. Edited by Melanie Segala, 2000, pg 149.

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