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News Clip Archived Files

Every six to eight weeks new health-related articles are posted on our front page. In response to customer request, we provide here all prior newsclips. We hope that you will put us in your bookmarks and frequently visit our site to catch exciting dynamic updates with valuable information and healthy news.
News Clips
Nov 01 Bayer Yanks Cholesterol Drug After 40 Deaths
Nov 01 Nonscientist Tackles Cystic Fibrosis
March 01 Insulin Sensitivity Improved in Type 2 Diabetes
March 01 Deficiency Linked to Infertility
March 01 Post-40 Fitness Limit Reported
Jan 01 Ritalin Dangers
Jan 01 Get Out of the Hospital Alive
Jan 01 Omega-3 Fatty Acids and ADHD: Promising Evidence for a Nutritional Cure
Nov 00 Shingles: The Herpes Virus Strikes Again
Nov 00 Steering Clear of Boomeritis
Sept 00 Brain Nutrients
Sept 00 Vitamin E Debate: Is Natural Better?
Sept 00 Fatty Acids=Fat Loss
April 00 Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions
April 00 Vitamin E Supplements Cut Prostate Cancer Risk
April 00 Soy Kills Cancer Cells and Limits Spread of Diseases
January 00 Killer Sex--Is Viagra Worth it?
January 00 Vegetables: For Bitter or For Worse?
January 00 To "B" or Not to "B"?
January 00 Whole Grains Reduce Heart Disease
November 99 Red Meat vs. White Meat
November 99 Vitamins and Fatty Foods
November 99 The Role Calcium Plays in Blood Pressure
November 99 Aerobic Exercise Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
September 99 Arthritis Pain Scores Decreased by 40 Percent
September 99 Calcium Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer
September 99 Choline Helps Fight Bodyfat
September 99 Zinc -- For Heart Disease, For Diabetes


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