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Colloidal Silver
Nature's Most Effective Antibiotic

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What Makes Golden Life Colloidal Silver Different?

Silver is an element essential to life. The human body contains about .001% silver, and researchers note that illness occurs more freuqently when the level of silver drops below this point. Silver is the best all-around germ killer we know. Bacteria, fungus, parasites, and even viruses are destroyed by silver, yet pure silver has no side-effects upon humans, and is actually beneficial to your health. Collodial Silver has many uses, including tissue regeneration in burn victims, topical ointment for cuts and abrasions, and fighting off infections and illnesses such as colds or the flu. (For more uses Click Here)

Product #8233
Golden Life Colloidal Silver
(8 ounces)
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Ingredients: Colloidal silver 15-25 ppm in distilled water. Golden Life's Colloidal Silver contains the best available ultra-high purity elemental silver.

Suggested Usage Directions:
As a dietary supplement for children, take 1 teaspoon per day. Adults, take 2-3 teaspoons as needed or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Best taken alone, preferrably between meals. May be mixed with water or juice. May be applied topically. One bottle provides a 30 day supply.

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Facts About Colloidal Silver

A Colloid is a substance where ultra-small particles (ranging from 5-100 nanometers (nm) in size --a nanometer = billionth of a meter) are suspended in some other substance. The particles don't dissolve in the other substance. Colloidal Silver, then, is made up of ultra-small particles of very pure silver (purer than sterling silver) that are suspended in distilled water. These particles range in size form 5 to 15 nm. The particles of silver are uniformly charged with the same charge so that they repel each other. Thus, because the silver particles' mass is small enough, the repelling force of the like-charge keeps the particles suspended. Colloidal Silver helps the body eliminate pathogenic bacteria, virus, fungus, and parasites by disabling the specific enzymes that micro-organisms need to breathe. When the enzmye is disabled the micro-organism quickly suffocates and dies.

Colloidal silver also enhances the immune system by helping the healing of normal cells and enhancing the lympathic flow and drainage, which removes toxins from tissues. This improves oxygenation and regeneration of the cells. It also enhances the energy flow in the body. It will enhance homeopathic treatment, acupuncture and all natural healing modalities. It will not contradict or interfere with any allopathic drugs. There is no known toxicity to collidal silver whatsoever at any amount. There are also no known side effects from a true colloidal silver. Silver is considered to be one of the most universal antibiotic subtances known and according to Jim Powell in a Science Digest article "an antibiotic kills perhaps 7 different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop." [Jim Powell. Our Mightiest Germ Fighter. Science Digest. March 1978.]

Collidal Silver can be used to maintain health, for relief from sinus problems, for skin problems (including rashes, scrapes, abrasions, fungus, althletes foot, etc.), for moderate to severe infections, for earaches and infections, for colds, flu, and sore throats, for headaches for baldness, for dental health, and for animal and plant care.

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