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Amazing Experiences

Hayley's Amazing Experience with Lowering Her Cholesterol: Hayley is a very active, not overweight young girl who had struggled with high cholesterol levels for several years. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with Familial Hypercholesterolemia in 1997. This page presents a sketch of her experiences as submitted by her and her mother. The end result is truly amazing.

David's Amazing Experience with a Sport's Injury: David Wilson seriously injured his ribs and the cartilage on his left side playing sports. Later he re-injured himself and was in so much pain that it even hurt to move. He turned to Ultra Body Toddy, EFA and Chicken Cartilage for help with amazing results.

Graeme Edwards and His Mother-in-Law's Osteoarthritis: Graeme Edwards mother-in-law's osteoarthritis was so painful that it was reducing her to tears. Her medications gave her some relief, but she was still in a considerable amount of pain. She tried Chicken Cartilage and her condition improved so that she is able to enjoy her life again.


  • Dr. Steven E. Whiting on Thomas; Whiting reported that Thomas was suffering from the side effects of the Ritalin that he was on and that his bad behavior would return as soon as he was taken off of the drug. Whiting put Thomas on a carbohydrate restricted diet as well as on a basic nutritional program. Thomas' mood swings disappeared, he could concentrate again in school, and soon he was academically on par with his peers.

  • Jared suffered from severe allergies and was developmentally behind in his school work. With proper nutrition and diet his scholastic skills increased and he became a happier and more self confident child.

  • Dr. Whiting on Karen; Karen was hyperactive, are everything in sight, and was developmentally behind. Whiting eliminated sugar and additives from her diet and put her on a nutritional program, Her strange behavior stopped and she improved in school.


  • Janet Van Arsdale suffered from stress and was tired all of the time. Nothing her doctor tried worked and all she got from him were hundreds of dollars worth of bills. Finally she tired Ultra Body Toddy, Mineral Toddy, and Oxy Toddy and had more energy and felt great.

  • Tina Schurtz suffered from severe side effects from her anti-depressants. She tried Rainforest Toddy and the painful side effects of her drugs disappeared.


  • Rosemarie Elam crushed three vertebrae in her back and was in horrible pain for nearly two years. After four months on Ultra Toddy her back pain was gone!

  • K.L. Hyrum suffered from nervous legs, insomnia, arthritis in his thumbs, chronic fatigue, and anemia. After only three weeks on Ultra Toddy and Mineral Toddy his nervous legs disappeared and in eight weeks there was no more pain in his hands.

  • WT (Long Beach, CA) endured 24 hour hip pain and joint sensitivity. After 6 months of Toddy products, he experienced a virtual age reversal!

  • C.C. Clifton was taking prednisone and other herbal products for her arthritis but was frustrated because of the many side effects of these medicines. In desperation, she tried Ultra Toddy and Mineral Toddy and was able to walk again without her stick and didn't experience any negative side effects.

  • Anonymous in IL tried Total Toddy and Mineral Toddy with excellent results for her finger pain and swollen ankles.


  • Retha Scott had surgery for Crohns disease but suffered many unpleasant complications. She tried many different types of vitamins, but once she tried Total Toddy she got more energy and as an added bonus her varicose veins disappeared.


  • Karen Denever's son Joey cried all of the time and wasn't doing well at school because of his depression. A psychiatrist recommended medication but his mother didn't want her son to be on drugs and tried Ultra Body Toddy, Mineral Toddy, EFA Plus, and Sugar-Eze. Joey cried less and went back and finished up school.

  • Cleveland Norton Jr.'s mother was depressed after her husband died. She wasn't eating well and had very little energy or interest in anything. Her son tired Total Toddy and now she has more energy, eats more, and even participates in activities with other seniors.


  • A man in Boise, Idaho tells how he suffered from adult onset diabetes, and how the medications he was taking caused him to lose weight and turned his dark hair white and thin. After trying Ultra Toddy he saw significant changes in his blood glucose level.

  • Molly Cundall took Total Toddy, Mineral Toddy, and Sugar-Eze for the fatigue and weakness that were a result of her hypoglygemia. After trying these products she was happy to report that she was full of energy and life.

  • Mrs. Van Ringen saw dramatic improvement in her blood sugar level when she used Mineral Toddy, Sugar-Eze, and Maxum Essentials.

  • Mitchie Garceau was frustrated when doctors couldn't find the cause of his nighttime spells (cold sweat, racing heart, numbness, and weakness). After only 2 weeks on Total Toddy, Sugar-Eze, Enzyme Plus, and Mineral Toddy the spells were gone.


  • Vicky Hellwitz's family had along history of epilepsy. She herself suffered from at least four major seizures a week with two usually being severe enough to send her to the hospital. She tried Total Toddy and the number of seizures she suffered from decreased and she had more energy.


  • Joyce Lauenborg was tormented by chronic fatigue syndrome which turned into fibromyalgia. As the disease progressed she had so little energy that she had to quit work and couldn't do much around the house. She used Mineral Toddy, Total Toddy, Oxy Toddy, Immu-911, NK Daily, and BioCalcium and could sleep better, experienced far fewer headaches than before, and had enough energy to do what she wanted to around the house.


  • Leisa Harris was suffering from MS. She did some research and discovered that people with MS have several vitamin and mineral deficiencies. She tried one mineral product with little success then tried Mineral Toddy, Total Toddy, and Ultra Body Toddy and her MS went into remission.


  • Retha Scott tried Total Toddy and her varicose veins disappeared and she had more energy.

  • Mary Bell suffered from multiple diseases including varicose veins. She didn't have health insurance since no company would have her and had been through bankruptcy due to her medical bills. She didn't want to live anymore especially with the added agony of the multiple side effects of her medications. She tried Ultra Body Toddy and Mineral Toddy and her pains went away and she felt much better.

  • Cliff Bigelow had varicose veins in his legs as well as arthritis and prostate problems. He took Ultra Body Toddy, Mineral Toddy, Flex Flow, and BioCalcium and his varicose veins got better and he experienced improvement with his other health problems.